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Remembering FDR

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  1. Ash tray
    Pressed glass, designed to look like cut. Four slots, one in each corner, for cigarettes. Silkscreen on base, seen through bottom of tray like window decal. Around the edge of the design, the words FREEDOM / DEMOCRACY / RE-ELECTION, separated by stars. In the center, an image of FDR. Lettering is red, picture blue, all on a white background.

  2. Ash tray
    Molded plastic, with slots for six cigarettes and a clip to hold a match book. Plastic is black. In white letters, silkscreened on the rim, the words: ROOSEVELT - TRUMAN / DEMOCRATIC ASSOCIATION. Molded on base, an eagle, displayed, with shield on breast. The shield has an E in it. The eagle grips arrows in right claw, olive branch in left. Below, the words QUALITY / EAGLE / MADE USA.

  3. Ash tray
    Pressed glass, tinted a smoky gray. Silkscreened on the face of the tray, an image of L'Arc de Triumph, and the words HOTEL / FRANKLIN ROOSEVELT / ***NN/ PARIS (8*), all in white. Molded in base OPALEX / MADE IN FRANCE / 2.

  4. Ash tray
    Molded porcelain, with a cigarette slot in each corner. Base glaze is white, with gold trim painted on outer edge. In the center, a photolithograph of Churchill, with his name below. Stamped in ink on base: T. LAWRENCE / FALCON WARE / MADE IN ENGLAND. Below T. LAWRENCE, an image of a pottery vessel.

  5. Ash tray
    Molded brass(?). Design of roses around the rim. In the center, an image of FDR, framed by a cuvilinear design. On the left of his face, the number 19; on the right the number 35. Around the image in a circle, the words: THE MAN OF THE HOUR / FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT.

  6. Ash tray
    Molded porcelain, roughly square, with white glaze. In each corner, a cigarette slot. In the center of the tray, a photolithographic transfer of FDR, with his name below. Gold trim painted around edge of rim. In gold, stamped on base, ROYAL FENTON. Below, also in gold, the image of a crown.

  7. Ash tray
    Lithographic transfer of Churchill and FDR on molded porcelain. The base glaze is white. Gold trim painted around outer edge. Two slots, upper left and lower right, for cigarettes. Below the image of FDR and Churchill, the words F.D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill. / Atlantic Meeting, 1941. Stamped into base - ENGLAND / 227. Stamped in greenish blue: ENGLISH WARE / LANCASTERS / LTD. / HANLEY / ENGLAND. Below ENGLISHWARE is a crown.

  8. Ash tray
    Glass, tinted gray and molded into a round, scalloped shape. There are seven images silkscreened onto the glass in white and a metallic, red-gold color. One, labeled cultural centers, shows Rockerfeller Center and Lincoln Center. Moving clockwise, there is the Empire State Building World's Tallest Building, The United Nations Bldg; Coney Island; Times Square; and International Airport. In the center is the Statue of Liberty. Etched into base, a dotted line making a shape like an artist's pallete, in which is written Houze Art. Underneath, the words Pt. Marion, PA / Made in USA.

  9. Ash tray
    Forged steel. Smooth rim, smooth bottom. No design except for a coin. The coin has the head of FDR in the center, and around the outside it reads PRESIDENT FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT / HYDE PARK NY. A stamp into the bottom of concentric cicrcles. In the space between the two circles are the words VAL KILL / HYDE PARK NY Inside the innner circle is a hammer and anvil.

  10. Ash tray
    Sand cast metal, concave capsule design around outside edge. The top of the tray has a molded horse head from side to side. Two concave cigarette holders. At the bottom, a concave spot into which was affixed a stamped piece with an image of a building. Around the outer edge of the stamped piece are the words HOME OF FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT / HYDE PARK NY.

  11. Ash tray
    Molded metal, roughly shaped like a rectangle with all four sides pushed in the middle. Molded image of FDR on the left side. To the right, a visual represenation of him thinking of a fire burning in a fireplace. Below that thought bubble, the words REMEMBER YOUR FIRESIDES. The three molded areas are painted gold. The rest of the dish is painted black. Molded on back: MADE IN JAMESTOWN, N.Y. @.

  12. Ash tray
    Molded metal. The dished area has an image of a building with a patio, and steps up to the patio. In the patio is a bust on a pedestal. Below are the words ROOSEVELT MEMORIAL LIBRARY. To the left, and turned 90 degrees, is an image of a Scottish Terrier, besides which is the word FALA. Across the top, above the dish, is a molded image of Hyde Park, below which are the words HOME OF FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT. Across the bottom, below the dish, are the words HYDE PARK. N.Y. The object has a gold colored finish. MADE IN JAPAN molded on back.

  13. Ash tray
    Molded metal ash tray, in the shape of two horseshoes overlapped. Molded on the dished area of the horseshoe on the left is a tree and the initials FDR. Molded on the horseshoe on the right is FDR's house at Warm Springs, with LITTLE WHITE HOUSE molded above and WARM SPRINGS, GA molded below. All of the raised areas are painted gold, and the rest is painted black. Across the top is a molded sign, with two flowers, one at either end, and the words GOOD LUCK. It also is painted gold. Stamped on bottom: K 270. Also a mark of some kind with the letters K.T. in it. Then, MADE IN JAPAN.

  14. Ash tray
    White base glaze, with silk screened design on the face. The design of the Little White House is then hand painted for color. At the base of the design, silkscreened, are the words: LITTLE WHITE HOUSE / WARM SPRINGS, GEORGIA. The tray itself is molded porcelain with four concave places around the rim for cigarettes. Gold painted around rim on inner and outer edge, and on both sides of the four depressions in the rim. Silk screen of a maker's mark; a crown on top of two concentric circles. In the space between the two circles, the words JONROTH / ENGLAND. In the center of the inner circle, a monogram which looks like this: J8/cR. Underneath the circles, the words ROYAL WINTON. Around the top of the design, MADE IN STAFFORDSHIRE ENGLAND. A mark of blue at the top.

  15. Ash tray
    Molded ceramic dish, with 4 slots for cigarettes. Gold trim painted on edge of the dished in part. In center of face, a silkscreened image of FDR, with his name below. Printed on bottom in gold: SOUVENIR / THE LITTLE WHITE HOUSE / WARM SPRINGS, GA.

  16. Bank
    Molded plastic, with a resemblance to a dime. The top shows a raised relief of FDR, and the words DIME BANK / SAVE A DIME A DAY are molded around the rim. The slot is cut between the words DIME and BANK. The bottom has a molded eagle, displayed, perched on a shield with stripes vertically, and a field horizontally across the top. Two torches flank the eagle, and the words MADE IN THE UNITED STATES / DIME BANK circle the outside. The plastic is silver colored.

  17. Bank
    Stamped and pressed tin, in the shape of a barrel. Held together by tabs and rivets. Brown and black painting on metal looks like wooden staves and metal hoops. Slot cut and pressed in top. Hinged metal door on bottom. Printing on side reads: HAPPY DAYS BANK. Shield with J. CHEIN / & CO / MADE IN / U.S.A. painted on side.

  18. Bank
    Solid wood, turned on a lathe to make a barrel shape, then hollowed leaving one end. 2 bands of tin wrapped around sides and tacked down in grooves. Printing on the bands reads: NEW DEAL BANK / PROSPERITY.

  19. Bank
    Solid wood, turned on a lathe to make a barrel shape, then hallowed leaving one end. 2 bands of tin wrapped around sides and tacked down in grooves. Printing on the bands reads: NEW DEAL BANK / PROSPERITY. Tin key.

  20. Bank
    Hollow, molded figure of a donkey, carrying three bags. On the two bags which are colored yellow are printed the words NEW DEAL BANK. The third bag is where the slot is. The donkey is painted brown, with black highlights. It is hand painted, and a bit sloppy.

  21. Bank
    Gray, round, plastic bank with the words, DIME BANK SAVE A DIME A DAY, surrounding the raised face of FDR on the removable top portion. The back of the bottom portion has the words, MADE IN THE UNITED STATES DIME BANK, surrounding a raised representation of an eagle holding an American shield and two lit torches.

  22. Bank / bust
    Molded metal bust, with iron door bolted to bottom. A slot cut in the trap. The object is painted brown. Molded on the lapel on the right, a V. Molded in the base, FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT.

  23. Bank / bust
    Molded metal bust, hollow, with an iron bottom panel tacked on. The bottom has a hole cut in it. The cover is missing. F.D. ROOSEVELT is molded in the front of the base. The object is painted to imitate bronze.

  24. Bank / bust
    Molded metal pieces assembled into a bust of FDR. A hole cut in the bottom, and an iron stopper keeps money inside. Molded on front of base: NEW DEAL / F.D. ROOSEVET. The bust is painted to look bronze. K[EN]TON TOYS molded on bottom.

  25. Banner
    Woven silk banner, with a picture of FDR woven into the banner with black thread. At the top, the words Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Object is matted, mounted, and framed. Chi Wen Silk Weaving Co. Hangchow China woven into bottom. Chinese characters above that.

  26. Bell
    Silver, metal bell with the words, FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT, written horizontally on the handle below a raised representation of FDR. The words, WARM SPRINGS GA., appear vertically below his name on the handle. The letters get smaller as the handle tapers in.

  27. Book End
    Yellow, ceramic, tiered bookend with a gold star on the top tier, the letters, US, written in orange, surrounding a black and white photograph of the face of FDR on the middle tier, and the letters, F.D.R, written in orange on the bottom tier. For some reason there is no period after the last letter.

  28. Book End
    Yellow, ceramic, tiered book end. A gold star appears on the first tier, the orange letters, US, surround a black and white photograph of FDR on the middle tier, and the orange letters, F.D.R, are written on the bottom tier. There is no period following the last letter.

  29. Book end
    Molded plastic figure of FDR, wearing rain gear, and poised grasping a ship's wheel. The entire figure is painted silver. It is mounted onto a wood base. The base is joined to an upright piece, making an L shape. The wood is stained dark brown, and trimed around the top edge with silver paint. Thin sheets of cork are glued to the back sides.

  30. Book end
    Molded image, profile, of FDR. Painted to look like brass, with glossy finish.

  31. Book End
    Molded brass, L shaped when viewed from the side. The sides are straight, the top edge rounded. Molded relief portrait of FDR near top. Molded below, the words THERE IS / NOTHING TO FEAR / BUT FEAR ITSELF. The background has punch marks, I guess to make the face stand out. Also, the upright portion seems to have had acid brushed on to give it a dull, rough finish.

  32. Bookends
    Molded plaster, in tiers. At top, a stand for a flag. On front of top tier, a star painted gold. On next tier down, a circular depression into which is glued a photo of FDR. Molded letters U and S on either side of that. Next level down, molded letters F.D.R. All molded letters have brown coloring inside to make them stand out. The object is painted an off-white, with dark gray streaks, to make it look like marble. GAB[C]O / PRODUCTS COMPANY / 72[0] GRAND AVE. / DES MOINES IOWA. - Stamped on back, in ink - very faint.

  33. Bottle stopper
    Molded figure/caricature of FDR, head and neck. Hand painted. Cork molded into figure makes neck. Stamp in black on cork: ACHATI (?) / MADE IN GERMANY.

  34. Bottle stopper
    Molded figure/charicature of FDR, head and neck. Hand painted; with cigarette. Cork molded into figure. Stamp in back on cork: something illegible and MADE TO GERMANY.

  35. Bowl
    Molded porcelain, with heavey off-white glaze. Gold painted around the edge of rim and just inside rim. Two chromolithographic transfers on either side. One shows FDR and Churchill, framed by their nations' flags. The Statue of Liberty, with planes overhead; a globe; and the label CHAMPIONS OF DEMOCRACY decorate the center. On the opposite side, the flags of the U.S. and Great Britain, crossed and tied. Transfer on bottom: ALFRED MEAKIN / MARIGOLD / ASTORIA SHAPE. The design is roughly circular, formed by vines and leaves in red and green. Letters are red. In center, a flower, colored yellow and orange.

  36. Bowl
    Molded porcelain, roughly oval, with scalloped edges. Off-while glaze. Gold trim painted around edge of rim. On the face of the dish, transfer prints of FDR and Churchill in brown. On the rim above them, the flags of the U.S. and Great Britain crossed with a design of flowers, vines and leaves. Silkscreen in blue on bottom: ROYAL WINTON / GRIMWADES / MADE IN / ENGLAND.

  37. Bowl
    Molded porcelain with white glaze. Gold painted around rim, just inside the edge. Lithographic transfer of Daily News headline reading WINNER in large type, with a picture of FDR taking up most of the page. On the outside of the paper, a label in red reads: WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 6TH 1940. Transfer on bottom: MAYER / CHINA / BEAVER FALLS [NY]. Stamp on back: 455.

  38. Box and lid (salt cellar?)
    Molded porcelain, off-white glaze, gold trim around rim of box. The lid has a slight taper in and up, making it slightly rounded across the top. Gold trim around the edge. Transfer prints of Churchill and FDR on the top, as well as the flags of the U.S. and Great Britain, with a design of leaves, flowers and vines. Silkscreen in blue on bottom: ROYAL WINTON / GRIMWADES / MADE IN / ENGLAND. Painted in gold: 5966.

  39. Box for sewing supplies
    Pressed iron box. The lid and the bottom fit snugly. The lid has a raised circular area in the center. Mounted on that raised area is a lithograph of Hyde Park, printed brown on white paper, and protected by a plastic disk mounted over it. The box is printed light blue, with a design of a needle, thread, and scissors around the edge of the lid. Printed on side of lid: G.N. CO. MADE IN U.S.A.

  40. Box with lid (salt cellar?)
    Molded porcelain box, with white glaze. Transfer on front and back (long sides) reads F.D. ROOSEVELT AND WINSTON CHURCHILL. / ATLANTIC MEETING, 1941. The box has a lid which rests on the top. There is gold trim painted around the top edge of the lid, and a large photolithograph of the two men.

  41. Buckeye
    Inscribed words and image, through the surface of the nut to the lighter colored material below. Image of FDR is central. Above, the letters USA. Below: F.D. ROOSEVELT. Inscribed in lower right: H.HOR[n] Inscribed in lower left: DEC 30, 193[0] (or 1934?).

  42. Bust
    Bronze, metal bust of FDR that uses his neck as the base. The words, DAVIDSON WASH 1934, written on the back of his neck.

  43. Bust
    White, stone-like, bust of FDR with the words, FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT, on the front. The year, 1882-, appears on the left side. The words, THE IMMORTALS TRADE MARK, and a maker's mark appear on the right. The number, 27, and an encircled letter C appear on the back.

  44. Bust
    White, porcelain bust of FDR with the words, Franklin D. Roosevelt, written on the front of the base and the words, Copyright 1933 by Leo Kaul Chicago Made in Germany, written on the back.

  45. Bust
    Molded bust of FDR. Unpainted, no varnish, no glaze. Molded in base: FRANKLIN / D. ROOSEVELT. Stamped in back: COPYRIGHT 1933 / BY LEO KAUL / CHICAGO / MADE IN GERMANY.

  46. Bust
    Cast bronze bust of FDR, with plaster form still inside. Bust sits on a pedestal of stone. Inscribed in side on right: E G LICEN ST. EIN (?).

  47. Bust
    Molded plaster, bronze paint. Molded in base: FRANK. D. ROOSEVELT.

  48. Bust
    Solid plaster cast bust of FDR. Head and neck, with a hint at shoulders and chest, but that becomes a pedestal. Painted a tan/cream color. Inscribed on front: FREDERICK SCHWEIGARDL. Written on bottom in pencil: MINIATURE / ORIGINAL / ROOSEVELT.

  49. Bust
    Brown, ceramic bust of FDR witht a V on the left side of his suit coat The words on the front of the base are, I PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE TO THE FLAG OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AND TO THE REPUBLIC FOR WHICH IT STANDS, ONE NATION INDIVISIBLE WITH LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL. REMEMBER PEARL HARBOR. On the back are the words, E&S MFG, Co.

  50. Bust
    Gold, metal bust of FDR with the words, FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT 1933, written on the front of the base. There is green felt on the bottom.

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