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Pullman State Historic Site

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  1. 300 Block Pullman Avenue
    Original J. C. Ferrin postcard dated 4/5/04.

  2. 34 Chevy get new lease on life
    Article regarding restoration of 1934 Chevrolet.

  3. 4th Annual Grand Hobo Concert
    Flyer describing activities around the Grand Hobo concert on Sunday, June 18 at Pullman United Methodist Church.

  4. 50 Famous Railwaymen
    Subtitled, "The engineers and entrepreneurs who shaped Britain's railways". 264-page hardcover book with bibliography.

  5. 500 Miles to Christmas
    Color magazine ad showing train speeding through snow covered landscape with small houses in foreground. Ad has Christmas poem similar to The Night Before Christmas.

  6. 6 reasons why everybody likes to travel by PULLMAN!
    Original magazine advertisement, unknown publication, copyright 1955, The Pullman Company.

  7. 60th Anniversary of the Dutch Settlement of Roseland
    Official Souvenir Programme for the 60th Anniversary of "The Dutch Settlement of Roseland, Chicago", July 5th, 1909. Includes history, images, advertising. Lists many activities for the day and event.

  8. 647 E. 111th Street
    East wall of building at 647 E. 111th Street, showing original fence and tennis court.

  9. 647 E. 111th Street
    View of original cricket field next to 647 E. 111th St. - 1910

  10. 'Little Ben' of Pullman
    Newspaper article regarding Administration Building/clocktower. The article states "It's mechanism is an exact duplicate, on a smaller scale, of London's famous Big Ben".

  11. 'Work Flow' Has New Meaning in This Job
    Article in the Daily Southtown about Pullman resident and reporter, Howard Ludwig

  12. "Cumberland Crossing" VHS Tape
    "Cumberland Crossing" print shown as well as AT&SF panel track move, west on Hyde Park Blvd, Chicago, IL

  13. "I Live in a Great Big Way!" Says Kate Smith
    Original Pullman magazine advertisement showing performer Kate Smith entering a Pullman coach. She is smiling and waving into the camera, and wearing a coat with corsage, hat and gloves.

  14. "Perfect" Pullman
    Article about Pullman as it prepares for 2007 House Tour.

  15. "Pullman" #67
    Hand cast statue of Pullman Conductor figure alongside wooden train car, from Cairn Studio. Introduced in 1986 and retired in 1995.

  16. "The Gumps" comic strip by Sidney Smith
    Original artwork by Sidney Smith from within a year or two of the inception of comic strip. This popular comic strip about a middle-class family ran in newspapers for forty two years, beginning in 1917.

  17. A Beautiful Neighborhood
    14 posters, A Beautiful Neighborhood in Beautiful Chicago Michael A. Bilandic, Mayor.

  18. A Century of Banking
    Pullman Bank newsletter in 1983 celebrating the bank's 100th year.

  19. A Century of Progress - The Story of Roseland
    Handout sponsored by the State Sandwich Shop, 11040 South Michigan Avenue in Roseland. By Paxinos, first printed in 1951 in the Fenger News.

  20. A Century of Pullman Cars
    Volume One, Alphabetical List, No. 282. Photocopy of 12-page article with photographs and illustrations. Full record available for viewing at the Bertha Ludlum Reading Room at the Hotel Florence.

  21. A Chicago Album
    150th Anniversary Chicago Tribune Magazine. Full record available for viewing at the Bertha Ludlam Reading Room in the Hotel Florence.

  22. A Corner of Chicago
    Biography of the Chicago newspaper man who also wrote Radio scripts.

  23. A Daily Miracle
    Original B/W magazine advertisement promoting rail travel, specifically mentioning Pullmans, published in the National Geographic, c1930s.

  24. A Daughter's Inheritance
    383 page soft cover book.

  25. A Desirable Home for Workingmen Letter
    Photocopy of typed letter dated October 10, 1898 to F. Wild Manager's Office, Car Works from Duane Doty regarding positive aspects of living in Pullman for the workingman. Includes worker statistics and handwriten note from Duane Doty.

  26. A Fall Day In Pullman
    Article by Indiana preservationist Paul A. Myers, about the restoration of the Pullman Factory Administration Building Clock Tower in October 2005. Printed Copies of photographs taken by Mr. Myers are included.

  27. A Famous Inventor
    Newspaper article, 1888, summarizing interview with G. Pullman re: invention of the Palace train car. Envelope holding article included in file.

  28. A Fitting Finish at Pullman
    Photocopy of article dated August 1981 from unknown publication regarding the last Pullman car.

  29. A Frosty Morning
    Tinted Koopman postcard showing view of 111th Street and South Park (now King Drive), 1910.

  30. A Great-Grandmother Remembers
    One sheet (copy) from an unidentified book, talking about growing up on the same block on Prairie Avenue as George Pullman and his family lived.

  31. A Headline of 36 Years Ago Today: 575 Dead in Fire!
    Article in the Chicago Tribune, December 30, 1939 regarding the Iroquois Theatre Fire.

  32. A House in Chicago
    Biography of Harriet Moody, literary patron in early 20th century Midwest. Hardcover book, 288 pages, with index.

  33. A Hug and a Snub
    Chicago Sun-Times article about President Obama's brief visit to Gwendolyn Brooks College Preparatory Academy on Thursday, February 19, 2015, where he announced Pullman's as the 402nd National Monument.

  34. A landmark up in smoke
    Image of the Pullman factory burning the night of December 1, 1998.

  35. A Legal Primer on Managing Museum Collections
    Covers topics of museums, collections, and management, including acquisitions, de-accessioning, loans, gifts, tax considerations, appraisals and care of collecions, insurance, public access to collections, etc. Author: Marie C. Malaro Publisher: Smithsonian Books. 1998 ISBN 1-56098-787-1

  36. A Little Sermon All Pullman Employees Can Preach to Friends
    Copy of an article from the The Pullman News of April 1933, about Pullman travel safety.

  37. A Look at Roseland Then and Now
    Article from South End Reporter, May 30, 1973 showing Pullman locations past and present. Note images of Pullman School are reversed; the top image shows the original school and the lower image is the second Pullman school built in 1910.

  38. A Love Woven True
    Novel about the women who worked in the Lowell, Massachuesetts mills in 1849, written by Tracie Peterson and Judith Miller, copyright 2005.

  39. A Moveable Mansion
    Article from Victorian Homes magazine about the "Oriental", a private car built by Pullman in 1889 for New York industrialist Austin Corbin.

  40. A native paradise
    Article from the Chicago Tribune about Glorious Gardens Finalist for 2008, Arthur Pearson, a Pullman resident.

  41. A Night to Remember II
    Invitation and program from the Pullman Tech Alumni Association's event, "A Night to Remember II"

  42. A Novel Revival, by George
    Newspaper article relating to Pullman Bank's effort to revitalize North Pullman, 11/11/2007.

  43. A Period Piece: Pullman Perfection
    Article from Chicago Sun-Times regarding the McLean house in Pullman, now owned by Kris Thomsen.

  44. A Pioneer's Centennial George Mortimer Pullman 1831-1931
    Photocopy and type transcript of an essay on the life of George Pullman.

  45. A Proud Old Lady Admits Her Age
    Copy from two undated, unidentified newspaper articles about the 1884 Pullman Building in downtown Chicago. Talks about the building in 1956 as it is ready to be torn down.

  46. A Pullman Captain and His Crew
    Original Pullman magazine ad, unknown publication, copyright 1937, The Pullman Company.

  47. A Pullman Postscript
    Photocopy of 19-page article from Trains Magazine. Full record available for viewing at the Bertha Ludlam Reading Room in the Hotel Florence.

  48. A Summary of information on the South Pullman District
    Publication by the Commission on Chicago Historical and Architectural Landmarks, dated June, 1972.

  49. A tale of 2 Pullmans
    Article about the uniting of North and South Pullman neighborhoods into one historic district.

  50. A Timeless Affair The Life of Anita McCormick Blaine
    Hardcover book, 253 pages with index, biography of the daughter of Cyrus McCormick.

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