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Pullman State Historic Site

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  1. Age of Steam Railroad Museum Newsletter, Vo.42.No.1
    Newsletter of the Museum. August 2005 issue highlighting staff visit to Pullman. Volume 42, No.1 ISSN 1536-2159 This issue has photo's of Historic Pullman.

  2. Agreement between G & W Electric Specialty Company and United Steelworkers of American Local Union No. 3281
    Agreement for workers of Local Union No. 3281 at G & W. Electric Specialty Company in Blue Island, IL. Dated April 1, 1975 to April 1, 1978

  3. Agreement between G & W Specialty Company and United Steelworkers of America Local Union No. 3281
    Agreement for workers of Local Union 3281 at the G & W. Specialty Company in Blue Island, IL. Dated January 31, 1972 to April 1, 1975.

  4. Agreement between The Pullman Company and its Porters and Maids
    Document stating the relationship between The Pullman Company and its Porter and Maid employees.

  5. Air Raid Instructions
    Civil Defense card giving Air-Raid drill instructions. In the 1950s, these were commonly called "duck and cover" instructions to be followed in the event of a nuclear explosion. These kinds of instructions were often distributed to students in grammar and high school.

  6. Aircraft Division
    Image of Ellie Lee Aston, employee with the Pullman Aircraft Division, standing in the office. Another female employee in the background. The old Packard Auto Body Shop at 104th and Maryland did duty as an aircraft parts factory for a time. Perhaps this is that location.

  7. Aircraft Division - Douglas Aircraft meeting
    Men congratulating man in uniform (probably WWII from poster behind) with Douglas Logo patch and metal pin with "Douglas Aircraft" "Santa Monica". Pin with the numbers "162" on top and "36" under it. Man to his right wears similar pin with "280" and his name "A. M. Meyer" Man to his right wears one with "56" on top and "20" under it. To the left of the man in uniform a man wears another "280" with is name (not legible), next to him the man in the striped t-shirt wears a button with "131" on top and "23" under it. Two men to his left have a pin with "5" on top and "151" under it. None of the smaller buttons are legible.

  8. Aircraft Division Employees
    Several men working on undercarriage of aircraft. Stamped on the back of photo "No Objection to Publication on Grounds of Military Security, 8 Sep 1944, War Department, Bureau of Public Relations"

  9. Aircraft Division Employees
    Group of employees, men and women, in "class photo" style pose outside of factory. Dated July 10, 1945

  10. Aircraft Division Meeting
    Officers of the Pullman Standard Aircraft Union. They are, from left to right, Jack Cussen, secretary; Ed Dooley, vice president; Tom Blair, treasurer; Emery Kovacs, president; Carl Redmond, sergeant at arms. These officials were elected to represnet labor in conference with management, to assist workers in settling their own problems, and to carry on the organization that labor has formed. This image appeared in the Pullman-Standard Aircrafter employee newspaper April 16, 1943.

  11. Aircraft Division Worker
    Woman worker standing in front of a press and gauge.

  12. Aldermanic Election Ballot
    Several specimen adlermanic ballots for 9th Ward election between Dominic Lupo and Norman F. Fabry. Lupo was 9th Ward alderman from 1959 to 1971. Sheets appear to have been cut for scrap paper.

  13. Algoma Central Corporation 1993 Annual Report
    1993 annual report of the Algoma Central Corp.for their three divisions: Marine Group, Algoma Central Railway, and Real Estate Group.

  14. All A-board for Christmas!
    Original Pullman magazine advertisement. Large illustration shows people carrying wrapped presents getting on a train.

  15. All Aboard
    A mini series produced by Peridot Pictures about the history of American railroads, featuring episode 3-The Pullman Sleeper: Last Journey of the Towering Pine.

  16. All aboard! A tour of the historic Pullman neighborhood
    Copy of a collection of articles related to touring historic Pullman district.

  17. All aboard! Historic Pullman Foundation
    A handout with information about Pullman and the Historic Pullman Foundation.

  18. All Intersted! In What?
    HR Koopman stereocard entitled "All Interested? In What? showing a large group of adults and children in a wooded park setting. Sign on the building reads "Assembly Hall". Perhaps a religous event?

  19. All on Board
    Black and white HR Koopman stereocard showing a train with passenger and baggage cars sitting at a station. Passengers are on the train and conductors standing outside.

  20. All these wonderful things happen only when you go Pullman
    Original Pullman magazine advertisement. Images show traveler looking out the window in a coach, sleeping peacefully, being served by a porter, walking through a car, eating in the dining car, and talking with other passengers.

  21. All these wonderful things happen only when you go Pullman
    Original magazine advertisement, Saturday Evening Post, undated, copyright 1950, The Pullman Company

  22. All Things Considered
    Subtitled, "Memories, Experiences and Observations of a Chicagoan". Hardcover book, non-fiction, 345 pages.

  23. All This Extra Luxury At No Extra Pullman Cost

  24. Allen Paper Car Wheel Building
    Ca 1890 George Pullman's only business partner at the factory site relocated from Ohio to anchor a proposed industrial park. Allen "Paper Wheels" were part of the smooth ride important to the stature of the Palace Cars. G. Pullman allowed the Allen Company to own it's land (not offered to anyone else) including two executive houses, one of which still stands.

  25. Allen Paper Car Wheel Works
    Negative of Wheel Works with Executive Housing on left border. 108th Street in that area was know locally as the Allen Block or "allenbach"

  26. Along the Calumet River
    Soft cover boo, 128 pages, with pictures and illustrations, signed by the author.

  27. American College of Surgeons Certificate for The Pullman Company
    Scanned copies of certificate approving the medical service of The Pullman Company. Undated. One framed, one scanned and enlarged. Original has a seal stamp not readable on copies.

  28. American Enterprise
    Poster and newspaper article about the musical play American Enterprise presented by the Organic Theater Company February 14, 1991. The play traces George Pullman life in dialogue and song. Play written by Jeffrey Sweet, score by Michael Vitali.

  29. American Foundry & Mfg. Co.
    Catalog of the Original American Fire Hydrants since 1888.

  30. American Gas Light Journal
    Copies of four pages from various years and issues of American Gas Light Journal, referencing Pullman and the latest gas equipment available in the 1880's.

  31. American Preservation
    The Magazine for Historic and Neighborhood Preservation. Vo. 4. No. 1 January-February 1981

  32. American Railway Engineering Association
    Seven volumes of Proceeding of the Association's annual conventions: Vol. 39, 1938 - Vol. 47, 1946 0 Vol. 49, 1948 - Vol. 50, 1949 - Vol. 51, 1950 - Vol. 55, 1954 and Vol. 63, 1962. Each volume 600 to 900 pages with photographs and illustrations.

  33. American Railway Express Baggage Cart
    Early 20th century baggage cart used to move baggage and express parcels between a train depot and the baggage cars on a train.

  34. American Steel Foundries Drawing
    a collection of drawings showing various parts. Detail drawing showing cast steel side frame for Barber Stabilized Truck.

  35. Amtrak Consists
    Third edition publication outlines the normal makeup of Amtrak trains as of August 1977.

  36. Amtrak Passenger Cars Condensed Roster
    Vintage photocopy of report, 7 pages. Note at the bottom of first page: "Office of Chief Mechanical Officer, Washington, D.C. January, 1972.

  37. An Advertisement by The Pullman Company
    Original magazine advertisement, 1916.

  38. An Alternative Proposal For Stabilizing The Pullman Factory Complex
    Report dated February 12, 1999, prepared by the Beman Committee of the Pullman Civic Organization proposing permanent rather than temporary repair of structures including cost and site plans.

  39. An American Enterprise
    Newsletter from the Organic Theater production of An American Enterprise, about the story of George Pullman. Contains five pages of historical background, play information, etc.

  40. An Apple for Harriet Tubman
    Book on Underground railroad. For young readers. "Many people know about Harriet Tubman's courage and daring. But few know about her love apples and the freedom they symbolized".

  41. An Economic Development Program For The Reuse Of Historic Buildings In Pullman
    This report presents findings, analyses and conclusions regarding the market potential for various uses and buildings in Pullman, rehabilitation cost estimates, based upon conceptual design parameters analysis of financial feasibility and recommendations for implementing the reuse program.

  42. An Evening at Flo's Speakeasy
    A flyer advertising an event at the Hotel Florence, based on the roaring 20's.

  43. An Evening at Flo's Speakeasy
    Flyer promoting dinner event with $1 play money to be used to "gamble".

  44. An Event in the History of RAILROADING
    Tenneco Collection: 1889 promotional booklet for Through Line sleeper service from Chicago/Milwaukee to Pacific northwest (Tacoma/Portland)

  45. An Oldtimer Looks at Pullman
    Newspaper column "Sez You -- Sez I" by Hans B. Schnell, unknown publication. Essay by Robert W. Bartsch, first place award winner in state and national competition. Bartsch worked for Pullman from 1906 to 1956.

  46. Announce plans for shopping center, industrial park at Lsake Calumet Harbor
    Newspaper article, South End Reporter, January 29, 1975.

  47. Annual Easter Prize Dance
    Flyer for dance held on April 16, 1938 at the Benetian Ballroom in Kensington.

  48. Annual Report 1987
    Annual Report for 1987. Name reverts back to the Pullman Company.

  49. Another day in history...City gives Pullman landmark status
    Article from The Calumet Index, October 8, 1972.

  50. Another Illustrious Streamliner SOUTHERN BELLE
    Original color Pullman magazine advertisement regarding Streamliner owned and operated by Southern-Louisiana & Arkansas lines.

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