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Pullman State Historic Site

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  1. # 1979 image in bound album titled "105 mm Howitzer & 3" gun"
    One of 106 images in bound album titled "105 mm Howitzer & 3" gun", dated September 24, 1944. Photo #1979.

  2. $10 million expected for rebuilding tower
    Release of Illinois First funding to reconstruct the Factory clocktower after the fire of 1999.

  3. $2.50 buys so much in a Pullman car
    Original black and white advertisement, unknown publication, copyright 1937 The Pullman Company

  4. $200,000 grant to fund work at Market Hall
    Photocopy of article from Daily Southtown, December 10, 1998.

  5. 10 Daily Passenger Trains over the Pennsylvania Lines
    A list of daily passenger trains going eastward and southward from Chicago over the Pennsylvania Lines. Place Made:

  6. 10,000 Black Men tells railroad porters' story
    Article relating to TV movie about the unionization of the Pullman Porters by A Philip Randolph.

  7. 100-year-old Sewage Tank May Hamper Construction of U of C facility
    Article regarding construction of U of C printing facility. Place Made:

  8. 10700 block of Cottage Grove
    "The arch" block of North Pullman, street appears to be torn up due to construction Place Made: Chicago

  9. 11100 and St. Lawrence
    c.1885. View east along 111th from across Water (sic) Street (Watt), now St. Lawrence. Note open space where Annex would later be built and original porch on house on right side of the photograph. Executive houses are seen looking east, as is portion of the train station. Place Made: Chicago IL

  10. 11100 Block Champlain
    East side of 11100 block of Champlain Avenue, c. 1883. Left half of a pair of photographs looking south from 111th probably by T. S. Johnson 1883-1885. Image shows houses and the original Market Hall. Place Made: Chicago IL

  11. 11100 Block of Champlain Avenue
    c1885. View SSW showing, left to right, Pullman Market Hall, horse drawn wagon, residential units, ornate Pullman fence. Place Made: Chicago IL

  12. 11107 Watt Avenue
    House in the Pullman Historic District located at 11107 Watt Avenue

  13. 111th And Cottage Grove
    111th And Cottage Grove

  14. 111th and Watt
    HR Koopman postcard showing east side of Watt Avenue (now St. Lawrence) looking south with men sitting on curb.

  15. 111th And Watt Avenue

  16. 111th from east from St. Lawrence
    Photo of postcard that lists Florence E. of Watt Chicago, ILL and also "Pullman". May say "1913". Place Made: Chicago

  17. 111th St. Illinois Central Ground Level Station
    Newspaper clipping showing the Pullman IC train station, located at what is now 111th and Cottage Grove Avenue. Photo from a series published by the South End Reporter in the 1950s.

  18. 111th Street

  19. 111th Street 60 Years Ago
    Photograph copy of newspaper clipping, possibly from 1949. in 1889 handwritten on clipping. Refers to Dalenberg home as recently razed was at 134 E. 111th. St. Place Made:

  20. 111th Street View
    Looking east on 111th Street toward Champlain Avenue, 1918, showing executive housing on Florence Boulevard, now 111th Street. Notice little shack on SW corner of 111th and Champlain where sandwiches were sold to Pullman workers on lunch break. Place Made: Chicago IL

  21. 111th Street, Looking East from Train Station

  22. 11208-11210 S. St. Lawrence Ave.
    Joseph Guest immigrated from Dublin, Ireland in 1910 and moved to Pullman. He worked as a chef and manager of the Pullman Executives Club on 111th Street and lived in the carriage house (no longer in existence) behind the club. He purchased the house to the right of this image in 1912 and built the bakery/grocery store in 1916. Man in front of the building is Mr. Guest. View of bakery with delivery truck parked in front. This non-Beman building was built in the backyard of corner house, later a boat shop, and later (1947-1980), Bob`s Sugar Bowl, a soda fountain.

  23. 11213 St. Lawrence Avenue
    c 1980. Former Pullman Hospital (1882-1925) with second porch which was built c 1920. Porch shown was demolished shortly after this photo was taken. Roof and tower restored 2005. Place Made: Chicago IL

  24. 11213 St. Lawrence Avenue
    Wide-angle shot of part of east side of St. Lawrence before demolition of large porch. Original Smaller porch replaced about 1910. Place Made: Chicago

  25. 11217 Watt Avenue
    Pullman Hospital

  26. 112th & Watt Street
    View south from Watt Avenue (St. Lawrence) at 112th Street. From Koopman's "postcard period" 1890-1905. One of the only known view of the west side of the 11200 block of St. Lawrence. Note "carriage rock" at corners on 112th Street. Place Made: Koopman Studio, Chicago

  27. 112th Street West of Market Hall
    View looking west down 112th street from 3rd floor of Market Hall, c1900. Elim Church is visible in background to the left of the Greenstone. It had not yet been moved to make way for Palmer Park. Arcade building visible on the right, as is new greystone house. Place Made: Chicago IL

  28. 113th And Champlain

  29. 113th and Cottage Grove Avenue
    Koopman postcard showing Cottage Grove at 113th Street looking south.

  30. 1883 Views
    View looking east toward Lake Calumet showing, left to right, steam dredges completing Athletic Island, Langley Avenue, block houses, original Market Hall, fenced-in yard behind Greenstone church, surveyor in the middle of St. Lawrence Avenue. Place Made: Chicago IL

  31. 1896 Pullman's Palace Car Company Letter
    Letter written by Pullman's Vice-President, Horace Porter, on June 11, 1896 to Henry R. Reed concerning Vice-President Adali Stevenson and his use of a train car during convention week. Place Made: New York

  32. 1900 Hyde Park Township Census
    Photocopy showing handwritten information titled - Schedule No. 1 - Population

  33. 1939 World's Fair Exhibit

  34. 2 parts Pullman and 1 Of A Kind
    Article promoting historic area from the Chicago Tribune Home Guide section, dated Saturday May 4, 1996. Color photos. Place Made:

  35. 2012 Dover Harbor Calendar
    2012 Calendar and Classic Pullman Private Railroad Car Image

  36. 2012 Gentle Warrior Awards Celebration
    A. Phillip Randolph Pullman Porter Museum 17th Anniversary celebration handout. February 2012

  37. 2013 Dover Harbor Calendar
    2013 Calendar and Classic Pullman Private Railroad Car image.

  38. 20th Century Limited
    Original Pullman color advertisement. Images show a woman in blue robe pulling the bed down, a group of people in a dining car, people relaxing in a compartment, and people in the club car.

  39. 300 Block of Pullman Avenue
    Sepia tone copy of Pos card of Pullman Avenue, looking south from 113th Street. Now known as Cottage Grove Avenue. c. 1893

  40. 300 Block Pullman Avenue
    Original J. C. Ferrin postcard dated 4/5/04.

  41. 4th Annual Grand Hobo Concert
    Flyer describing activities around the Grand Hobo concert on Sunday, June 18 at Pullman United Methodist Church.

  42. 500 Miles to Christmas
    Color magazine ad showing train speeding through snow covered landscape with small houses in foreground. Ad has Christmas poem similar to The Night Before Christmas. Place Made:

  43. 6 reasons why everybody likes to travel by PULLMAN!
    Original magazine advertisement, unknown publication, copyright 1955, The Pullman Company.

  44. 647 E. 111th Street
    View of original cricket field next to 647 E. 111th St. - 1910

  45. 647 E. 111th Street
    East wall of building at 647 E. 111th Street, showing original fence and tennis court.

  46. 'Little Ben' of Pullman
    Newspaper article regarding Administration Building/clocktower. The article states "It's mechanism is an exact duplicate, on a smaller scale, of London's famous Big Ben".

  47. "ACME Steel Company Uses Gas" Billboard
    Roadside Peoples Gas Light and Coke billboard highlighting ACME Steel Company as customer. Place Made: Chicago IL

  48. "I Live in a Great Big Way!" Says Kate Smith
    Original Pullman magazine advertisement showing performer Kate Smith entering a Pullman coach. She is smiling and waving into the camera, and wearing a coat with corsage, hat and gloves. Place Made:

  49. "Perfect" Pullman
    Article about Pullman as it prepares for 2007 House Tour.

  50. "Pullman Area Near Landmark Status", pg. 2
    Newspaper article by Stan Ziembe describes efforts of citizens to achieve Landmark status for Pullman.

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