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Mel Tierney Post Servicemens' File

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  1. 26 More Men Inducted From Local Area
    McGowan one of five men from Park Ridge to be inducted into the Army.

  2. 2nd Lieutenant
    Scherer was sent to Officer Candidate School at Fort Sill, Oklahoma for a course before he received his commission.

  3. 2nd Lieutenant In Army Is Home On 45-Day Leave
    Preston was home on leave for forty-five days after returning from overseas duty. Awards he received are also included.

  4. 3 Local Boys Drill For Wings in South
    Delmar Russell took some tests at Keesler Field in Biloxi, Mississippi to determine qualifications as a pre-aviation cadet.

  5. 3 More Doctors Park Ridge Enlist in U.S.A. services
    Dr. Cant, one of three doctors to enlist- at Camp Grant to serve as a First Lieutenant in the Medical Reserve Corps.

  6. 3 Park Ridge Cadets Finish Pre-Flight
    Harold Olson was one of three aviation cadets from Park Ridge, and one out of 242 from Illinois, who completed the pre-flight course at the San Antonio Aviation Cadet Center in Texas.

  7. 38 from Chicago On Missing List; Sailor Wounded
    Egan's name was listed with other men who were missing in action in the European area.

  8. 3rd Cluster to Air Medal to Lt. E.M. Karl
    Edward Karl awarded a third oak leaf cluster to his Air Medal for participating in the bombing of German war industries with the Eighth Air Force.

  9. 5dward M. Karl [sic]
    Edward Karl honorably discharged from active duty in the air forces- service history included.

  10. 65 Young Men Complete Signal Course at N.U.
    Newton was one of sixty-five men to complete a twenty week course at the Army Signal Corps School at Northwestern University. A description of the course is included.

  11. "18 Commissioned in Texas" (Document Incomplete)
    Ruthenbeck was commissioned as a second lieutenant from the Medical Administrative Corps Officer Candidate School at Camp Barkeley, Texas. Document incomplete.

  12. "19-Year-Old Ensign Home on Leave From Merchant Marine" (Photograph)
    Shortall arrived home on leave. He was a radio operator with the Merchant Marines. Photograph of Ensign J.W. Shortall, Jr. in uniform.

  13. "25 Missions Over Nazi Europe for Jesse E. Roberts" (Photograph)
    Jesse Roberts was home on furlough at Christmas after completing twenty-five missions as a waist gunner on the Eighth Air Force B-17 Flying Fortress "Feather Merchant." Photograph of Sgt. Jesse Roberts in uniform.

  14. "3 Sailors Arrive Home" -Title cut-off-
    Robert Kendzie discharged from the Navy at Great Lakes separation center.

  15. "Across seas" and serving on an army tank destroyer
    "Across seas" and serving on an army tank destroyer in the headquarters division.

  16. "After 2 1/2 Years In Navy Bob Sauer Receives Discharge" (Photograph)
    Robert Sauer was stationed at Glenview and Whidby Island during his two and a half year service with the army. Photograph of Robert W. Sauer in uniform.

  17. "After Four Years Service, Lunde Now Discharged" (Photograph)
    Lunde discharged after forty-nine months of service as a combat photographer with the United States Coast Guard. Photograph of James C. Lunde in uniform.

  18. "After Three Years service, W. Graser Now Discharged" (Photograph)
    Wesley Graser received an honorable discharge from the army at Camp McCoy after three years of service. Photograph of Wesley Graser in uniform.

  19. "Air Corps Major Is Home After 3 1/2 Years Service" (Photograph)
    Stehman was home on terminal leave from the Air Corps after serving for three and a half years with the Ninth air corps. Photograph of Major Harold E. Stehman in uniform.

  20. "Air Medal Award to Lt. Hendry, Missing in Action" (Photograph)
    The Air Medal with two oak leaf clusters was awarded to Hendry's mother because he was missing in action. The citation that accompanied the award is reprinted. Photograph of Lt. John E. Hendry in uniform.

  21. "Air Medal Earned by Philip Harbert Will Be Presented Posthumously" (Photograph)
    Philip Harbert's father accepted the Air Medal for his son, which was awarded posthumously. Philip was reported killed in action over Germany when his plane was hit and crash landed. Photograph of Philip E. Harbert in uniform.

  22. "Alberts" (Photograph and Document Incomplete)
    Home on leave, Photograph in uniform. Document incomplete.

  23. "Alderman's Son Enlists" (Document Incomplete)
    Wurm took marine training in San Diego, California. Document incomplete. Record from the Mel Tierney Post Servicemen file.

  24. "Announce Veteran Manages Hill's" (Photograph)
    Van Middlesworth took over as manager of Hill's store after he was discharged. Photograph of Ralph VanMiddlesworth, Jr. in civilian clothes.

  25. "Army Flight Surgeon Will Open New Office in Norwood Park Soon" (Photograph)
    Army flight surgeon will open new office in Norwood Park soon. Information on his family included. Photograph of Robert G. Fox, MD in uniform.

  26. "Army Trumpet Man Is Released After Four Years Service" (Photograph)
    Frederick Thies was discharged from the Army Air Force after serving for four years. He was stationed in Guam for over a year. Photograph of Frederic J. Thies, Jr. in uniform.

  27. "At School in Indiana After Navy Release" (Photograph)
    Evan Rhoads was released from the Navy after serving for two and a half years. He resumed his studies at Earlham College in Indiana. Some information about his brother, Robert, is included. Photograph of Lawrie Rhoads, Jr. in uniform.

  28. "Awarded Air Medal in England" (Photograph)
    Binkley was awarded the Air medal. Photograph of the medal being pinned on Binkley with caption.

  29. "Bashleben Lives, Telegram Tells of Bataan Hero" (Photograph)
    After receiving no word for many months, Bashleben's parents heard of a wire that reported on Sgt. James' health. Photograph of Sgt. James Bashleben in uniform.

  30. "Baumgart is Awarded Bronze Star" (Photograph)
    Awarded Bronze Star medal for meritorious achievement. Photograph with caption.

  31. "Beile" (Document Incomplete)
    Spent 30 day leave with parents and now stationed at Wilmette. Document incomplete.

  32. "Berquist" (Photograph)
    Met Edward R. Sauer in Hawaii and the two talked about old times, this in a paraphrased letter to Edward's mother. Photograph of Berquist in uniform.

  33. "Betty Buchheit Starts Training as WAVE Officer" (Photograph)
    WAVES training for radar and communications work at Smith College. Photograph of Miss Betty Buchneit in civilian clothes.

  34. "Beverly Taylor Weds Lt." (Photograph)
    Detailed description of the ceremony and attire of the marriage between Beverly Taylor and Allen Mathis Jr. Biographical information about the bride and groom is included. Photograph of Lt. and Mrs. Allen Washington Mathis.

  35. "Bombers Blast Italy Again As Air War Grows" (Photo insert)
    Article about Allied bombers, which made raids on Italian cities. George Sutcliffe was on the crew of one of the Flying Fortresses. Photo insert of Captain George Sutcliffe in uniform.

  36. "Bond" (Photograph)
    Part of letter to Mr. Siegman telling of various places Lt. Bond had been stationed at. Photograph of N. Bond in uniform.

  37. "Boys in Service" (Document Incomplete)
    John Schimmelpfennig and his brother, Ralph, took the Aeronautics training course at Jefferson Barracks. Document incomplete.

  38. "Boys In the Service" (Photograph)
    Semar left for San Diego, California to begin basic training with the Marines. Photograph of J. Lawrence Semar in uniform.

  39. "Boys in the Service" (Photographs)
    Gloria Stiglich was stationed at Louisiana Hall in Arlington, Virginia. Some information about her brothers, Vincent and Charles, is included. Photographs of Cpl. Gloria M. Stiglich, Lt. Vincent P. Stiglich, and Sgt. A. Chas. Stiglich each in uniform.

  40. "Brady Gets Wings at Texas Field" (Photograph)
    Received wings as an Aerial Gunner at Harlingen, Texas Army Air Field. Photograph of John D. Brady in uniform.

  41. "Brady is Assigned to Combat School" (Photograph)
    Assigned to combat crew training as an aerial gunner at Peterson Field, Colorado Springs, Colorado. Photograph of Pfc. John D. Brady in civilian clothes.

  42. "Bride of Park Ridge Air Vet" (Photograph)
    Julia Alice Case married Captain Leonard Happ after he was discharged from service. Photograph of Mrs. Leonard W. Happ in her wedding gown.

  43. "Bride to Be" (Photograph)
    Engagement announcement of Kathryn Mitchell to Petty Officer Jack E. Frost stationed in Alameda, California. Photograph of Kathryn Mitchell in civilian clothes.

  44. "Brothers Fight On Two Fronts" (Photographs)
    Robert Hagen was improving from his battle wounds somewhere in France. Some information about his brother, Donald, is included. Photographs of Sgt. Robert Hagen and Pfc. Donald Hagen, both in uniform.

  45. "Browman Returns to Maine Faculty from U.S. Navy" (Photograph)
    Complete service history- after discharged, returned to teach machine shop and safety and a course in driver's education at Maine. Photograph of CSAO Harold Browman in uniform.

  46. "Burgess" (Parts cut-off)
    Home for the holidays after graduating from Naval Air School in Pensacola, Florida. (Parts cut-off)

  47. "Butler Comes Home for 10 Day Leave" (Photograph)
    On temporary duty in Washington, D.C. in the Intelligence Department- will be home for ten day leave. Photograph of Lt. Grant Butler in uniform.

  48. "Butler Graduates as 2nd Lieutenant" (Photograph)
    Commissioned Second Lieutenant at Officers Candidate School no. 3 at the University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida. Photograph of Lt. Grant C. Butler in uniform.

  49. "Butler Quaffs Champagne in France-Likes It" (Photograph)
    Memento of Lt. Butler's of testing Champagne in France and liking it. Photograph of Lt. Grant C. Butler in uniform.

  50. "C.E. Brockman is Discharged from Service" (Photograph)
    Discharged after being in service since 1943- was with the 8th Armored Division- medals awarded. Photograph of C. Edward Brockman in uniform.

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