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Deerfield Area History

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  1. Aerial View
    Looking north on Waukegan Road from St. Paul's steeple.

  2. Amity Club
    A literary club founded in 1900 by Jennie Karch, Jennie Vetter, and Irene Rockenbach. The club lasted until 1904. Their circulating book collection was one of two early "libraries" in Deerfield.

  3. Andrew Schneider, Blacksmith
    Blacksmith Andrew Schneider with grandson Harry Muhlke.

  4. Antes General Store
    Interior of the Antes General Store.

  5. Antes House
    The Antes House, one half-block west of the train section on Deerfield Road (north side), became Deerfield's first apartment building.

  6. Antes Store-interior
    Interior view of the Antes General Store, first pre-cast concrete building in Illinois

  7. Bleimehl Tavern
    This photograph is of the inside of the Bleimehl Tavern. The Bleimehl family came to Deerfield in 1865. Ed Bleimehl built this two-story brick store with apartment above in 1904. It is on the southwest corner, Deerfield Road and railroad tracks.

  8. Bozo the Clown
    Bob Bell, a long-time Deerfield resident, prepares for his role as the original Bozo the Clown. Bell played Bozo on WGN TV from 1960 to 1984.

  9. Cappie Hout
    Interior view of the Deerfield Pharmacy in the Zeiss Building (Northwest corner), Cappie Hout, pharmacist is featured in the photo.

  10. Cemetery Gate
    William Hoyt donated funds for this ornamental iron gate in 1916. The cemetery was chartered in 1858.

  11. Centennial Pageant
    Practicing for the 1935 Centennial pageant depicting Deerfield's early history. The actual pageant was performed outdoors east of Greenwood & Waukegan Road.

  12. Children's Church Group Hoop Drill
    Presbyterian girls doing their hoop drill. First Presbyterian Church was established in 1876 to provide English language [Protestant] services to the area's English-speaking residents.

  13. Church Picnic at Clyborn Park
    Church picnic at Clyborn Park on the Des Plaines River north of present-day Deerfield Road

  14. Covered Wagon in Centennial Parade
    This covered wagon also appeared in the 1935 Centennial pageant for this grand celebration of Deerfield history.

  15. David Ott
    David Ott northern soldier who died in the Civil War.

  16. Deerfield Grammar School Graduation Class 1910
    Deerfield Grammar School graduating class 1910

  17. Deerfield Grammar School Students
    Early grades at Deerfield Grammar School in late 1890's before building was moved.

  18. Deerfield Post Office
    S.P. Hutchison was appointed Postmaster in 1906. The post office was located in Hutchison's general store just east of the Antes building and later became the famous Harry's Grill.

  19. Deerfield Public School Fire
    Early in the morning on May 26, 1913, Deerfield Grammar School burned to the ground in less than an hour. No one was injured

  20. Deerfield State Bank and Deerfield Hotel
    A later view of the hotel looking west on Deerfield Road. Included is the Deerfield State Bank.

  21. Downtown Deerfield Northeast corner
    Downtown Deerfield Northeast corner with a man on a horse in the street. The first pre-cast concrete building in Illinois was the Antes Building.

  22. Downtown Deerfield Northeast Corner- 1907
    Early view of the northeast corner of downtown Deerfield Illinois. The Antes General Store is on the corner, Rommel Harness Store is second, and the Hutchison general store is third.

  23. Downtown Deerfield Northwest corner
    The oldest unchanged corner in downtown Deerfield. In the late 1920's, the Zeiss building replaced the Tupper family home

  24. Downtown Deerfield Southeast corner
    Southeast corner with filling station, Slimm's Walnut Grill, Knaak's Pharmacy, and the Willman home.

  25. Downtown Deerfield Southwest Corner
    An early view of the Hotel Deerfield (later the Anderson Hotel). The auto repair building was originally stables for horses. This is the southwest corner of downtown Deerfield

  26. Fire Alarm Deerfield
    This fire alarm bell on the southeast corner was originally part of a train wheel. It summoned volunteer firemen. (Antes Building in background) The three men in the photo are Lester Stanger, Alex Willman and Robert Pettis.

  27. Fritsch General Store
    Fritsch General Store on the west side of Waukegan Road. Later owned by Stryker.

  28. Gastfield Children
    This photo shows the Gastfield children going down the road in a hand pulled cart. The Gastfield farm was located at the east end of the village where Deerfield Road crosses the creek (the east slough), 1900.

  29. Harvesting Hay
    Harvesting hay at the Rockenbach farm

  30. Haying at Dawson Farm
    The Dawson family came to Deerfield in 1846 and lived in the Irish settlement north of the village (also called Lancasterville and later Everett). This photograph is of a haying party at the Dawson Farm.

  31. Horse Drawn Schoolbus
    Deerfield students took this bus to Deerfield-Shields High School in Highland Park.

  32. Hotel Deerfield and Stryker Store
    Another view of the Hotel Deerfield and the Stryker Store in the 1920's in Deerfield Illinois.

  33. House-Elm Street
    Descendants of the Ott pioneers grew up in this home on Elm Street in Deerfield Illinois which still looks much as it did over 100 years ago.

  34. John Vetter
    John Vetter proudly displaying turnips in his garden on the southwest corner of Deerfield Road and Hazel Avenue.

  35. Knaak Pharmacy
    Looking east on Deerfield Road, Knaak Pharmacy on right. First opened in 1894, this store sold the first chocolate candy in Deerfield, the first toys, had the first soda fountain, the first small library, and the first telephone. Their phone number was just "1."

  36. Local Actors in Deerfield
    Local thespians on Deerfield Road next to the Rommel House. Duffy Hotel is across the street. Perhaps some are members of the Wallace family who gave one-night shows in the dance hall on the second floor of the hotel.

  37. Logging in Deerfield
    Logs on their way to the sawmill on the Des Plaines River at Aptakisic Road

  38. Lorenz Ott/ George Rockenbach Farm
    Left side of a panoramic view of the Lorenz Ott/George Rockenbach farm

  39. Mail Wagon Deerfield
    William "Billy" Ott took on the rural delivery route in 1909 for a salary of $900 a year. Billy was less than 5 feet tall.

  40. Milk Train
    The milk tower at the left stored milk bound for Chicago on the early morning "milk train" from Deerfield Illinois

  41. National Brick Company Aerial View
    The National Brick Company located north of Lake-Cook Road and west of the railroad tracks. This is a aerial view of the National Brick Company in Deerfield Illinois.

  42. National Brick Company Brickyard workers
    Workers at the National Brick Company. The man seated first in the first row is Wal D. Johnston. The men are sitting and standing on a huge stack of bricks.

  43. National Brick Company Workers
    The National Brick Company located north of Lake-Cook Road and west of the railroad tracks. This photograph is of workers in the brickyard including bricks and children labor

  44. Ott Farm
    Right side of a panoramic view of the Lorenz Ott/George Rockenbach farm

  45. Performer Deerfield
    Another local madcap thespian photographed in Deerfield Illinois

  46. Picnic on Des Plaines River
    Rockenbach picnic at the Des Plaines River near the Aptakisic iron bridge.

  47. Preston Rockenbach
    Preston Rockenbach on his bicycle. The Plagge house on Elm Street is in the background.

  48. Public school Deerfield Illinois
    In 1903, the school was moved 1/2 mile east on Deerfield Road from the southwest corner of town. It burned down in 1913, and was replaced by a brick building.

  49. Schoolbus
    In 1921, a motorized bus replaced the horses taking students to high school in Highland Park. First automotive school bus which provided transportation for Deerfield students.

  50. Train 131 at the Deerfield station.
    Train 131 northbound passing the Deerfield station.

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