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Roselle Local History Digital Archive - Working Together; Looking at Our Past

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  1. 124 North Prospect Street
    Roselle Homes - This home at 124 North Prospect Street was built by Fred Mensching in 1901. The Mensching family is on the side porch steps in this photograph. In 2003, Norma Theimann lived in the house.

  2. 1925 Railroad Derailment Wreckage Clearance
    A train derailment in the summer of 1925, previously thought to be part of the 1920 incident. East bound freight train appears to have derailed at approximately the same location as in 1920--just east of Roselle Road. A view of the wreckage being cleared near Prospect Street and the depot is provided in this photo attributed to Clara Becker Thies.

  3. 1930's Home
    A Roselle home, perhaps taken in the early 1930'S. House location was at 19 West Irving Park Rd. Later it was remodeled by Ferdinand Raap. Ferdinand W. Raap was a Village Trustee from 1934-1937. (Etched in Time, p. 85)

  4. 1930's, early 1940's Home
    Roselle home located at 134 South Howard in the 1930's or the 1940's. Date is determined by the car in the picture.

  5. 1944 Train Engine #1134
    Trains - 1944. Engine #1134, passenger service, passing through Roselle. In the 1920's the daughters of station agent Earl Crandall, Esther and Margaret, commuted to Elgin High School. They traveled free, a small Chicago and St. Paul perk for employees. (Etched in Time, pp. 10-13)

  6. 1944 Trains
    An east bound freight train passes a westbound train on the Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul railroad tracks at Prospect Street. This scene is as witnessed by Earl Crandall from his station agents window at the Roselle Train Depot in 1944. (Etched in Time, pp. 10-13)

  7. 47 South Roselle Road
    Roselle homes - Photograph taken in 2000 of the home at 47 South Roselle Road, formerly the William Beisner home.

  8. Adolf and Edwin Troyke
    Undated photograph of Adolf and Edwin Troyke in front of the Troyke Family home, 46 East Irving Park Road. The photograph was probably taken in the 1920's.

  9. Adolph Netcher and Samuel Menshing.
    Adolf Netcher (standing) and Samuel Menshing. Netcher owned the Roselle Hotel and Menshing the General Store, next to each other on the northwest corner of Irving Park Road and Prospect Street. (Etched in Time, p. 32)

  10. Aerial View of Roselle in 1947
    An aerial photograph of the Village taken for Roselle State Bank in 1947. This photograph appears on page 77 and on the back cover of Etched in Time. Population of the village was approximately 1,000.

  11. Airplane Crash
    In 1996 a small plane crashed at the Schaumburg Airport. Originally Roselle Airport, Schaumburg annexed the land in 1970.

  12. Al Botterman
    Roselle People--Undated. Al Botterman. (Calendar - February, 1922?)

  13. Army Observation Balloon Crash
    An Army observation balloon crash-landed in a field near Roselle in 1918. Nearby residents of the Village discussing the crash with one of the crew members.

  14. Army Observation Balloon Crash
    An Army observation balloon crash-landed in a field near Roselle in 1918. One of the two crew member, seemingly unhurt, views the deflated balloon.

  15. Art Thiemann Farm
    An undated photograph of the Art Thiemann Farm on Rodenburg Road and Irving Park Road, shown before the barn burned down.

  16. Barber and tailoring shops
    Ron and Cindy's Barber Shop and Stan and Bernadet's Tailoring Shop on Bokelmann Street on January 1, 2000. Taken three and 1/2 months before demolition.l

  17. Becker and Leiseberg Repair Shop
    Otto Becker and 2 unidentified people in front of the Becker and Leiseberg repair shop located at what is now 12 East Irving Park Road. (In 2004, the Ameritech building is on this site) This was originally Becker and Schaubel, then Becker and Leiseberg, then, before 1920, Leiseberg and Ohlman, then, until 1926, Ohlman and Surgis. (Etched in Time, p. 38)

  18. Becker and Leiseberg Repair Shop
    Otto Becker and an unidentified person in front of the Becker and Leiseberg repair shop (formerly Becker and Schaubel) located at what is now 12 East Irving Park Road. (In 2004, the Ameritech building is on this site) They had the Case Farm Equipment franchise, made windmills and had presses for making apple and grape wine. Later they had the first automobile agency. Before 1920, leiseberg and Ohlman (later Ohlman and Sturgis) took over Becker's business and changed it to a Chevrolet agency. In

  19. Becker Family House
    The Becker house, 132 South Prospect Avenue, southwest corner of Prospect and Maple. The house was built in 1900. A windmill, built in the repair shop run by Otto Becker and Mr. Schaubel, was installed behind the house and was the first of its kind in Roselle to provide running water to the house. (Etched in Time, page 47)

  20. Bertha and Elmer Schmoldt
    Roselle People--1922. Clarence, Bertha (Mrs. Elmer) and Elmer Schmoldt. Clarence Schmoldt was Roselle Village Clerk, 1937-1945 (Etched in Time, pp. 17, 70, 85).

  21. Birdsall Family home
    The Birdsall family home at 420 East Walnut Street. The photograph was taken during the 1980's when Sandra Birdsall was Village Trustee (1977-81) and later mayor (1981-88).

  22. Blizzard of 1978-79
    In late December 1978 through January 1979 a heavy snowfall dumped up to 2 feet on roofs and roadways. Jerry Tipperreiter measures more than 2 feet of snow on the roof of his home on foster Avenue.

  23. Bokelman Family home
    Photo from the early 1900's of William Bokelman's home at the northeast corner of Chicago Street (Irving Park Road) and Bokelman Street. Mr. Bokelman owned a hardware store on the opposite corner until he sold it to the Gieske family in 1912. The house was demolished to build a Clark Gas Station which stood on the property in 2003.

  24. Bokelman Farm
    A thrashing gang on the Bokelman Farm, southwest corner of Roselle Road and Pine Street around 1915. The barn in the background was later converted to a house by Warren Beach.

  25. Bokelman Farm Barn
    The Bokelman Farm barn, built prior to 1900, was converted to a house in the 1920s and upgraded per this 2000 photo. The house is located on the west side of Roselle Road, near Pine Street.

  26. Bokelman's Hardware Store
    Looking northwest at Bokelman's Hardware Store. Pictured in front of the store are proprietor William Bokelman with his wife and two of his daughters (Frieda Bokelman, (?) Pfortmiller, and Freiderica Bokelman). (Etched in Time, p. 31)

  27. Bokelman's Hardware Store
    William Bokelman owned the hardware store at the corner of Irving Park Road and Bokelman Street from the late 1800 until 1912 when he sold it to the Gieseke's. (Etched in Time, p. 31)

  28. Botterman Sewage Treatment Plant
    Undated photograph of the Botterman water treatment plant on West Central Avenue. The plant was tripled in sized between 1990 and 1992 to handle the development of Turnberry Lakes, part of the former Odlum Farm property on the far western edge of Roselle. (Etched in Time, p. 78)

  29. Botterman's Foods
    Botterman's Store, located on the southeast corner of Irving Park Road (Chicago Street) and Park Street, in the 1940s.

  30. Botterman's Meat Market
    Botterman's store, the Roselle Market, was bought by Henry Botterman from George Wagner in 1896 for a meat market. Photographed here in the 1920's, the store served Roselle from 1895-1964. It was located at the southeast corner of Irving Park Road (Chicago Street) and Park Street. Part of the property was given to the village and the back buildings were moved in 1933 when Irving Park was rerouted. (Etched in Time. p. 52)

  31. Botterman's Roselle Market Delivery Truck
    Botterman's Roselle Market replaced their horse and wagon with this modern delivery truck in 1910, shown here in front of the Bokelman and Troyke houses on east Irving Park Road. (Chicago Street in 1910). (Etched in Time, p. 32)

  32. Boy Scout Color Guard
    1958 photograph of Ken Cull holding the American Flag in the center of Boy Scout Troop 55 color guard.

  33. Boy Scout Color Guard
    Jim Birdsall, President of the Roselle Historical Foundation, congratulates a representative of the Roselle Boy Scouts on the completion of the Sumner House porch renovation. The renovation was an Eagle Scout project, with several troops participating.

  34. Boy Scout Pack 15
    1941 photograph of Roselle Boy Scout Pack 15. Names of the boys and scoutmasters are available in the Roselle Historical Foundation files.

  35. Boy Scouts
    In May 1988, Roselle Boy Scouts and others participated in the renovation of the front porch of the Sumner House Museum. This photo was found in March 2001 in a time capsule under the porch.

  36. Boy Scouts
    1956 photograph of Boy Scouts at the Scout Lodge on Pine Street.

  37. Boy Scouts
    Boy Scouts Troop 55. Bottom first row: Dick Abel, Jerry Botterman, Norm Olafson, Jim Moese, Ronald Rolewald, David Pliskie. Second row: Don Scharlau, Robert Lamberti, Jerry Kestring, Philip Brown, Bob Abel . Third row, top row: Richard Rowe, principle of Roselle Public School, Warren E. Burres, Scoutmaster, Hamilton J. Warnock, Chairman of troop committee.

  38. Boy Scouts
    Boy Scouts,1988 Time capsule being sent under front porch renovation of the Sumner House Museum.

  39. Boy Scouts
    Boy Scouts, 1941. Cub Scout, Vernon Herbener working on a scout badge at White Lane Hatchery.

  40. Brownson Lumber Company
    In 1926, William Fenz sold the Roselle Mill and Lumber Company to C. A. Brownson and it became the Brownson Lumber Company. (Etched in Time, p.17)

  41. Brownson Lumber Company
    A 1929 photograph of the office of the Brownson Lumber Company on east Irving Park Road.

  42. Businesses on Chicago Street
    The north side of Irving Park Road, then Chicago Street, was photographed in the early 1920's. Sunderlage's General Store, Weber's Hotel & Lunch Room, and the original Roselle State Bank building have all been torn down and replaced by more modern structures. (Etched in time, page 89) (Duplicate of Image # 1177)

  43. Car racing on weekends
    In the early 1930's, some Roselle residents would race cars on the weekends; Fritz Hategmeir, Emil Becker, Herman Raap and Herbert Raap among them. (Etched in Time, p. 46)

  44. Case Farm Machinery Franchise
    Ed Schmidt, Henry Raap, Ed Zarndt, unidentified young girl, Louis Shaubel, Otto Becker. Sold threshing machines and stackers, run by steam.

  45. Chicago St. Looking East
    Chicago Street (later Irving Park Road) in 1902. The view looks to the east from near the intersection of Roselle Road. Gieseke's Hardware Store is on the left.

  46. Chicago Street
    Chicago Avenue (Irving Park Road) circa 1910-1920. The north side of Chicago Avenue, looking east from Bokelmann Street. Botterman's Store is on the right in the background.

  47. Christian Tabernacle Church
    This is Christian Tabernacle Church in the mid-1990's located on the corner of Park and Elm Streets. Originally the Trinity Lutheran Church.

  48. Clara Becker
    Portrait of Clara Becker, April 23, 1911. The first bank robbery in Roselle occurred on December 4, 1925, at the Roselle State Bank. Clara Becker, a teller, Edwin Gieseke, an assistant teller, and A. A. Pottratz, the cashier approached by the robbers, were all locked in the safe during the robbery. (Etched in Time, p. 28)

  49. Clarence C. Schmoldt and Justina Schmoldt
    Roselle People--1921. Clarence C. Schmoldt with mother, Mrs. Herman Schmoldt (Justina). Clarence Schmoldt was Village Clerk from 1937-1945. In 1938, he purchased the Roselle Flour and Feed Mill from William Fenz. (Etched in Time, pp. 17, 85)

  50. Clauss Farm Barn
    The Clauss Farm barn on Mensching Road serves as the maintenance building for the Clauss Recreation Facility, the headquarters site of the Roselle Park District, which opened in 1972.

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