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Postcards on postcards

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  1. ...Perhaps this is the last "Penny" postcard you'll ever receive. JM27
    Postcard advertisment for American Airlines.

  2. 10 Cards 10 c. JM24
    Postcard advertising 10 cards for 10 cents.

  3. 1906. JM194
    Sample postcard featuring the date 1906 spelled out using drawings of well-dressed men.

  4. 2 for 5c. Genuine Colourpicture Post Cards. JM25
    Postcard advertising a 2 for 5 cents sale on postcards.

  5. 'Scuse Me To-Day. JM129
    Photo postcard of a woman pulling a man (turning out his pocket with one hand while the other holds some coins) toward a postcard stand.

  6. "Family Group" by Francis Wheatley, R.A. JM184
    Postcard of a painting in the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. Back serves as an ad for the Artvue Post Card Co.

  7. "Not A Bad Collection This!" JM133
    Postcard view of a woman seated and looking at a postcard album that rests on a table.

  8. "Teddy R." Educated Black Timber Wolf. JM135
    Photo postcard of a timber wolf posing next to a postcard case.

  9. "The straw-shack in the medder and the reaper in the shed,"...JM201
    Sample postcard from the Art Manufacturing Co.'s, Golden Corn Series.

  10. A Blessed and Peaceful Easter. JM172
    Easter postcard sample from Whitten & Dennison.

  11. A Glimpse of Real Life. JM7
    Advertising postcard for the Aiple & Hemmelman Real Estate Co. with an elaborate drawing of a woman buying postcards

  12. A happy Birthday. JM204
    Sample postcard printed by the Art Manufacturinf Co.

  13. A Happy Christmas. JM177
    Christmas postcard sample from Raphael Tuck & Sons.

  14. A Joyful Christmas. JM163
    Christmas postcard used as advertising for the Auburn Post Card Co.

  15. A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. JM 31
    Postcard of a flower advertising W.H.F Vandegrift, Pharmacist.

  16. A Merry Christmas. JM162
    Christmas postcard used as advertising for the Auburn Post Card Co.

  17. A Merry Christmas. JM179
    Christmas postcard sample from G.C. Holmes.

  18. A picture card, a trivial thing. JM21
    Postcard illustration of a girl reaching up to a milabox to mail a card while her dog looks on.

  19. All Good Wishes. JM188
    Sample postcard from B.A. Proctor from a Bird series.

  20. Although I'm Busy...JM44
    Postcard showing a poem and a smaller postcard with a flower.

  21. Amateurs et Collectionneurs. JM248
    Postcard view of a man and woman looking over postcards at a stand.

  22. American History, Fruit and Berries, Wild Life. JM229
    Postcard containing many smaller postcard views related to American History, Fruits and Berries, and Wild Life.

  23. An enquiring look. JM47
    Postcard cartoon of an orange-headed man with question mark eyes. Stamped by the Souvenir Post Card Shop of Cleveland.

  24. Annies-Rest Petersburg, GA. JM142
    Postcard photo of rocks at the foot of a mountain. "Go To Shanks for Post Cards" written on a rock.

  25. Around the World on a Post Card. JM138
    Postcard photo of a couple standing near an automobile superimposed over a mountain.

  26. Art Gallery, Manchester. JM145
    Postcard of a streetcar running past an Art Gallery in Manchester.

  27. Badische-Trachten. JM234
    Postcard view containing smaller views of postcards.

  28. Bargains. JM46
    Postcard showing three bins filled with postcards and a postcard realted poem.

  29. Bathing Beach at Oaks Lake Cossayuna, N.Y. JM73
    Postcard view of a pier and rowboats at Lake Cossayuna.

  30. Before Our Time. JM33
    Postcard illustration of a caveman delivering a giant stone postcard to a woman.

  31. Best Christmas Wishes. JM199
    Sample postcard fom the Asheville Post Card Co. featuring a winter scene illustration.

  32. Best Wishes for Easter. JM210
    Sample postcard made by the Nyce Post Card Co.

  33. Best wishes from L.F. Beeman. JM105
    Postcard portrait of three women in a family room. The two seated women are holding a postcard album.

  34. Blount Building, Pensacola, Fla. JM161
    Postcard of Pensacola's Blount Building that serves as an advertisment for H.G. Zimmerman & Co.'s postcards.

  35. Board Walk, Wildwood, N.J. JM68
    Postcard of a busy boardwalk scene.

  36. Boardwalk from the Casino, Wildwood, N.J. JM69
    Postcard view of a Wildwood boardwalk.

  37. Boardwalk Scene, Seaside Heights, NJ. JM71
    Postcard view of a Seaside Heights boardwalk.

  38. Boxwood Manor Gardens, Old Lyme, Conn. JM185
    Sample postcard from the Artvue Post Card Co. showing a house and garden in Old Lyme, Connecticut.

  39. Buy from the Handicapped. JM34
    Postcard of a woman in a wheelchair sitting among shelves of pastcard boxes.

  40. Camera Snapshots in Handy Photo Packs. JM137
    Photo postcard of a postcard display rack.

  41. Card House at the Petrified Forest on the Santa Rosa-Calistoga Road. 10 Miles north of S.F. JM57
    Postcard view of a small shelter covered in postcards.

  42. Card Room, Cave of the Winds, Manitou. JM61
    Postcard view of postcards dropped into a cave.

  43. Carte Postale. JM249
    Postcard of a woman holding an oversized postcard.

  44. Castle Junction, Belfast. JM143
    Postcard view of a busy Belfast street.

  45. Cawthorne Church, Near Barnsley. JM193
    Sample postcard from the Rotograph Co. of the Cawthorne Church near Barnsley.

  46. Central Station, Blackpool. JM146
    Postcard view of Blackpool's Central Station. JM146

  47. Chinese Restaurant. JM56
    Postcard view of the interior of a San Francisco Chinese restaurant.

  48. Church Street, North Adams, Mass. JM174
    Postcard of Church Street in North Adams, Massachusetts. Back of card advertises Whitten & Dennison's local views series of postcards.

  49. Cinema Studios, 6 Wellington Street, Woolwich. JM95
    Postcard portrait of a man standing next to a seated woman holding a postcard album.

  50. Cleveland. JM226
    Postcard in which the letters to the word "Cleveland" are spelled out in postcards.

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