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Ella's Historical Collection-Images

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  1. A Pair of Mammoth Jacks

  2. Ackman's Tavern
    Transcription: Ackman's Tavern or Johnny Carrol�s Saloon

  3. American Barracks and Headquarters
    One of the two known pictures of the Hampshire prisoner of war camp during World War II….It was in operation from 1943-45…It stood on the far east end of Keyes Ave across from Walter Olson's house. The prisoners harvested peas and corn in the area and worked in the canning factory (which was demolished in 1992). The silo in the background was on a farmstead across the street. That farmhouse still stands in a grove of trees. The white building was the U.S. Army Camp HeadQuarters. The black building was one of the barracks used for housing the U.S. Army guards.

  4. Ariel View of Town-Southeast
    1 The train depot is in the foregrown backed by the commercial house hotel which was torn down in the 1920s to make room for the gas station. Behind that is the livery barn which later became the video store. The livery barn was also used by Seissel-Kraft (they owned the Borden's building briefly) they produced a layered tarred wrapping paper to weatherproof items and buildings. Across the street was a McCormick-Deering implement dealer which later became an International Harvester and then the library. Transcription: View from the top of the mill, Picture 1896, In the foreground:, Billy Stark's Barber Shop, Horwitz General Store, S. & Fremont Rowells General Store,

  5. Ariel View of Town-Southwest
    Transcription: View from the top of the mill, Picture 1896, In the foreground:, Commercial Hotel , Harrison Reams Livery Barn, Wm. Shatters Blacksmith Shop, ,

  6. Armistice Day School Parade
    Armistice Day parade, celebrating signing of Armistice Nov. 11, 1918, grade and high school pupils on the march to Village Hall on left; businesses were destroyed by fire in 1929, and rebuilt between 1929 and 1931. Two buildings to the far left is the present site of Ray Maynard Implements….on the end is the commercial hotel, and beyond the original frame schoolhouse on State and Mill Streets. Pictures courtesy of Esther Samuelson Estate. Samuel Coach A.E.F., H. F. Eineke A.E.F., John Shatters A.E.F., Webster Blazier A.E.F., Harrison Blazier A.E.F., Walter W. Seyller A.E.F., George Seyller A.E.F., Noah Miller A.E.F., Arthur L. Ball A.E.F., Glen Melms A.E.F., Carl Swanson A.E.F., John Olsen A.E.F., Lieut. G.E. Dickson A.E.F.E., Louis Dumoulin A.E.F., Antone Eschbach A.E.F., Arthur W. Blazier A.E.F., George A Conro A.E.F.E., Frank Herrman A.E.F., John A. Johnson A.E.F., H. F. Hathaway A.E.F., Wagoner Aaron Maynard A.E.F., E.C. Chamberlain A.E.F., Floyd S. Van Vleet A.E.F., Ed Olson A.E.F., Chris Axalsen A.E.F., John Dreymiller A.E.F., Charles Walker A.E.F., David R. Walker A.E.F., Herman Meyers A.E.F., Myron Griffey A.E.F., John Christianson, John Herr, Charles Ruth, Frank Dreymiller, Eldridge Wimmer, Clarence Seyller, Raymond Maynard, Wrn. A. More, Floyd C. Maynard, Lon Dagg, Moxie L Fraedrich, Eugene D. Walgren, Francis G. Fitzpatrick, Robert D. Baker, Raymond Haines, Ivo Darr, Louis Eklund, Charles G. Klock, Vernon Samuelson, Walter Martens, Frank Shatters, Geo. E. Shatters, Paul Smithlung, Alfred Getzelman, Ronald F. Brill, A. L. Ream, Loyal E. Dalton A.E.F., Roy Hutchinson A.E.F., Albert E. Carmichael A.E.F., James Elmer Fraley A.E.F. Wm. Dreczka A.E.F., Harold Steinwark, Frank Herbert, Herbert Ream, Lloyd E. Eddy, Roy Macleen, Julius Ziebarth. SILVER STARS. Samuel Coach. 2. Harrison Blazier. HAMPSHIRE Mrs. Wm Ruth. Given to me by Charles McMichael 11-26-88 from her mother's effects Mrs. Wm Ruth.

  7. Bean School Reunion
    Transcription: Bean School Reunion

  8. Bean School Reunion
    Transcription: Bean School Reunion

  9. Bird's Eye View of Hampshire

  10. Borden's Milk Factory
    This is a photo of the original Borden's Milk Factory in town. Eventually the Borden company bought the local milk co-op as well. For some time this led to a great deal of confusion, as deliveries and pick-ups were confused between Borden Plant #1 and Borden Plant #2. Built as a receiving plant in 1907, milk was received, chilled (ice came from the lagoon in Seyller Park) and then shipped on to Chicago. The receiving plant went out of business in 1930s and then went through a series of owners before being bought back by Borden's Milk Co. and then being sold to PetAg. Transcription: Borden's Milk Factory Built 1907

  11. Borden's Milk Factory
    The original Borden Milk Factory. Originally teams of horses had to pull all of the milk up a very steep incline at the back of the plant so that it could go through the equipment efficiently. Eventually this was changed, much to all of the worker's delight. In the late 40s there was no animation so much of the milk was moved by carts pushed by hand. The wherehouses at the far end were added about 1948 at about the same time Playschool came into town making lincoln logs at the Inderrieden building. As Playskool's insurance company required it, the town had to put in the water tower in the background. This was the first water town in tower. Transcription: Borden's 1951

  12. Boy's Basketball Team
    Picture: Upstairs in Village Hall. Boys Basketball Team Hampshire High School, 1904. Pictured left to right: Clyde Waidman, Edward Mackaben, Earl Bean, Webster Blazier, Charles Johnson, and Judd Morgan.

  13. Bridge over Coon Creek
    This bridge was the one that spanned Coon Creek on Walker Rd. between Route 72 and Allen Roads. It used to flood frequently. Transcription: Bridge over Coon Creek near Hampshire IL 1910

  14. Brier's Log Cabin
    Transcription: Brier�s Log Cabin Brier�s Hill Road

  15. Burlington Cornet Band Wedding
    Burlington Cornet Band and wedding couple. Although this photograph shows the Burlington Cornet Band with Brass instruments and drums, it was quite fashionable for a while to have ukelele bands.

  16. Business Section
    This shows State street looking north with the old Firehouse on the immediate left.

  17. Canning Factory
    This picture is looking north east across the railroad tracks. Originally this building was built for the Warner Lock Company which never went into production. From this angle you can see where the giant clock was supposed to be placed in the middle.

  18. Canning Factory
    Exterior of the canning factory. Catholic church on the left, white building to the right is the Borden Milk Plant.

  19. Canoeing in Hampshire Park
    Transcription: Canoeing in the Hampshire Park Date Unknown Picture given by Herbert Dreymiller

  20. Carolyn 14 Years Old

  21. Carolyn Riding Daisy on a Sunday Morning

  22. Celebration of Surrender of Germany Day - a.k.a. The Skull Photo
    Experts have looked at this photo and been confounded by the skull that is barely visible. Under extreme magnification some individuals make the claim that the skull does not look human. At present no one has found information that indicates why a skull was carried in this parade. Transcription: Township Celebration of Surrender of Germany 1918 Hampshire

  23. Chapman & Janicki Hardware Store
    Transcription: Chapman & Janicki Hardware Store

  24. Commercial Hotel
    Transcription: Commercial Hotel After 1896

  25. Commercial Hotel
    Transcription: Commercial Hotel Built 1875 Picture 1884

  26. Commercial Hotel
    Transcription: Commercial Hotel Built 1875 Picture 1889 Torn Down in 1920

  27. Corn Harvest
    Here cobbed corn is being dumped from a box wagon into an elevator so that it can be stored in a silo or corn crib.

  28. Country's Delight Milk Co
    Originally the Hampshire Milk Co., the plant was then leased for many years to Borden's (which caused much confusion). Eventually it was sold to Country's Delight Milk Company. Transcription: Country's Delight Milk Co. Summer 1957

  29. Doty Black Photograph Book: 1
    This is a family photo album that contains Doty's, Allen's, Wolf's (DeWolf's), Tyler's and possibly Getzelman's.

  30. Doty Family Photograph Album-Tan Book

  31. Doty Grey Photograph Book

  32. Downtown Hampshire
    Downtown Hampshire

  33. Drug Store
    This building is quite a ways off of the street. Eventually the buildings were lowered. Paris Green, one of the signs out front, was used as a sanitizer for orchards and chicken rosts but killed insidiously through aresenic of lead poising. Several local orchards are still unusable because of this chemicle. Transcription: Drug Store

  34. Dutch Mill
    An early settler built this mill originally with the sail attachments common to dutch windmills of the period. However, after a pair of years it was discovered that Hampshire was not situated in a particularly consistent wind-zone. The sails were removed, an addition and ""modern"" engine were installed (the lean-to in the rear of the building) to power the mechanics and the mill prospered for many years. Transcription: Dutch Mill, , Built 1875, Picture 1910

  35. East Side of State St. After the Fire
    A team pulls a springed milk wagon around the corner with a Model T Ford in the background. The notation for this photograph says that it is after the 1920 fire, there is some debate about whether there was a fire in 1920. The gas station which would later take the place of this hotel was positioned here so that they could run a pipeline that ran under the middle of the tracks and cought gas that was discharged from special traincars. Transcription: East side of State St. Looking south After 1920 fire.

  36. Edgwood Avenue Hampshire IL
    Transcription: Edgewood Avenue 1953

  37. Elmer & Les Working With the Team

  38. Emma Schultz reading in the library
    Emma Schultz reading in the library

  39. First Schoolhouse
    The origins of this photo are uncertain; however, this copy came out of the collection of Dale Melms. His father bought the Higgins farm in the 1930's and later donated this, the first schoolhouse in the Hampshire area, to the park district. As a boy Dale Melms recalls finding a great many arrowheads and Native American artifacts around this building. The building was also used for pigs for a time.

  40. German Lutheran Church and Parsonage
    Transcription: German Lutheran Church & Parsonage, Hamsphire, ILL. German Lutheran Church and Parsonage Built 1897 Picture 1900

  41. Girl's Basketball Team
    Oral Burnes - Leone Rowell - Lena Chamberlin - Grace Rineck - Lois Keys - Florence Hurd Fredrick

  42. Grade and High School
    The new high school was on Warner and was built 1887.

  43. Hampshire Blacksmith Shop
    Transcription: Hampshire Blacksmith Shop Later became L. Hartman s garage

  44. Hampshire Business District
    The Chapman and Janicki Store (the nearest store in the bottom left corner) was later torn down and became the Fenzel showroom Transcription: Hampshire Business District

  45. Hampshire Cornet Band
    cornet band camed into popularity around the turn of the century. Many people acquired similar instruments and became a neighborhood band or a band funded by an employer. In the later part of this century, everyone joined leagues, band athletic groups and organizations. Harmony may describe the harmony area or a harmonious band. Accordian and ukelele bands popular. Transcription:

  46. Hampshire Cornet Band
    Transcription: Hampshire Cornet Band

  47. Hampshire Cornet Band
    Hampshire Cornet Band-Bands were immensely popular in this area with most towns locally having a band that would play at weddings and formal occasions.

  48. Hampshire Fire Department
    Transcription: Hampshire Fire Department

  49. Hampshire Grade School
    Hampshire Grade School

  50. Hampshire High School Class of 1939
    Roscoe Smith was the principal of the school for many years. Mr carl lewis headed the Ag. Dept forever. Fitzsimmons loved to play cards and later married Arlow Japp, Lavelle Morning's father ran the hardware store. Wilma Reborn was a Sunday school teacher, Henry Holze had the farm at the corner of Allen and Harmony. Lavern Martens fought in the second War and stayed in the reserves until his death. Transcription: Mr. Carlson, Miss Shepherd, Mr. Smith - Supt, Miss Cunningham, Mr. Holland, Miss Marcella Zenk - School Secretar, Marian Warrington - Class Secretary, Donald Allen - Pres, Class of Hampshire Twp High School Hampshire IL, Miss Heaton, Mr. Lewis, Donald Peterson, Alia Marie Wesemann, Ronald Dotty - Treas., Robert Holland V. Pres., Dorothy Fitzsimons, Kenneth Dreczka, Ocie Tamms, Henry Holze, Henry Ratz, Wilna Rebhorn, Kenneth Greve, La Velle Morning, Walker Krueger, Paul Follman, Lorena Schiesher, Ernest Harting, Edward Wright, Lavern Martens, Donald Conro, Harold Dittman, Dorothy Fox, Leslie Gustafson, Mark Werthwein, Phyllis Fairchild, , Hampshire Township High School, Class 1939,

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