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Music of the First World War

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  1. A soldier's farewell

  2. A soldier's rosary

  3. After the war is over : will there be any home sweet home?

  4. America! My Home Land

  5. America, here's my boy : the sentiment of every American mother

  6. And he'd say oo-la la! Wee-wee

  7. Au revoir, but not good bye : (soldier boy)

  8. Before I grew up to love you

  9. Blue bell : march song and chorus

  10. Bring me a letter from my old home town

  11. Charge of the Uhlans

  12. Cheer up, mother

  13. Come on Papa

  14. Daddy mine

  15. Dear old pal of mine

  16. Don't cry Frenchy, don't cry

  17. Don't let us sing anymore about war, just let us sing of love

  18. Don't take my darling boy away!

  19. Everybody's happy now

  20. Gee! what a wonderful time we'll have when the boys come home

  21. Giddy giddap! go on! go on! : we're on our way to war

  22. Give a Little Credit to the Navy

  23. Glory of womanhood : waltz

  24. God be with our boys to-night

  25. Good luck to our boys in tan

  26. Good-bye Alexander : Good-bye honey-boy

  27. Good-bye Broadway, hello France

  28. Good-bye Germany

  29. Heaven's artillery : march two step

  30. Herald of peace : march

  31. Here they come! : March

  32. Homeward bound

  33. How 'ya gonna keep 'em down on the farm? : (after they've seen Paree)

  34. I didn't raise my boy to be a soldier : a mother's plea for peace

  35. I don't want to get well

  36. I may be gone for a long, long time : Grace La Rue's instantaneous success in Raymond Hitchcock & E. Ray Goetz's new musical review Hitchy-koo

  37. I wonder what they're doing to-night (your girl and mine).

  38. I'd be proud to be the mother of a soldier

  39. I'll see you later Yankeeland

  40. I'm crazy over every girl in France

  41. I'm glad I can make you cry

  42. I'm glad to be the mother of a soldier boy

  43. I'm goin' to fight my Way right back to Carolina.

  44. I'm sorry I made you cry

  45. I'm writing to you, Sammy

  46. If he can fight like he can love, good night Germany!

  47. It's a long way to Berlin, but we'll get there!

  48. Joan of Arc they are calling you

  49. Just a baby's prayer at twilight (for her daddy over there)

  50. Just for the sake of gold

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