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Cornelia Neltnor Anthony and Frank D. Anthony Book Plate Collection

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  1. 1920 Decennial gift fund 2

  2. [Prince Augustus Frederick,] Duke of Sussex
    inscribed on bookplate--"Patent Hardened Steel Plate"

  3. "Come and take choice of all my library and so beguile thy sorrow"--Shakespeare, "Then read Psalms 37:21"--The Notewares.

  4. A sculptor, on cathedral tower . . .
    A sculptor, on cathedral tower, with patient care and toil an angel wrought, - a thing of beauty growing there, expression of the workman’s noblest thought. His fellow, scoffing, said: For nought thy pains, for who can note at this far height? He reverent answered: “Day, my friend but this shall live in God’s eternal sight”. ; Proof.

  5. A. A. Flick Jr.

  6. A. Alphonse and Frances Boileau Dayton

  7. A. B. C. D. E. Chicken snake

  8. A. B. C. D. E. reading pelican

  9. A. B. C. D. E. Ulenspiegel

  10. A. B. C. D. E. winged angel

  11. A. B. M.

  12. A. Barber Noyes

  13. A. Barton Hepburn

  14. A. C. Bernheim
    Inscribed "No. 42"

  15. A. C. Evans

  16. A. Dwight Stratton
    "No. 112"

  17. A. E. & C. L. F.

  18. A. E. Bachert
    Information on this bookplate can be found in A. Winthorp Pope's 1911 book "Remarks on some Masonic Books Plates and their Owners, Part II".

  19. A. Edward Newton
    "Author of My Old Lady, London"; "Atlantic Monthly, Sept. 1921"

  20. A. Edward Newton, Oak Knoll 1909

  21. A. F. Kamp

  22. A. F. R. McGowran

  23. A. Fenwyke

  24. A. Fogazzaro

  25. A. G. de Bellver

  26. A. H.
    Woodcut engraving. Showing Salisbury Cathedral

  27. A. H. 2
    Woodcut engraving. Showing Salisbury Cathedral

  28. A. H. 3

  29. A. H. Clark [Alfred Houghton Clark]

  30. A. H. F. Boughey

  31. A. H. von Schrader

  32. A. H., open book

  33. A. Haynes

  34. A. Herry

  35. A. Herry, church snowy night
    Wood cut.

  36. A. Herry, lamp and table

  37. A. Hofbauer

  38. A. J. Demare

  39. A. J. Elston

  40. A. J. Morgan
    "Hill St., Villa Park, ILL"

  41. A. L.

  42. A. L. Burroughs

  43. A. L. Guentner

  44. A. Lepka

  45. A. M. Broadley

  46. A. M. Hopson 2

  47. A. N. Girault

  48. A. Okolo-Kulak, monk

  49. A. Okolo-Kulak, reading monk

  50. A. P. Heartt's
    A. P. Heartts was a member of the Hardware Firm of “Heartts” in 1791 in Troy. Firm was desolved [dissolved] March 27, 1827. - In 1818 the Troy Lyceum of Natural History was projected. On Nov. 9, 1818, the first officers were elected: - John D. Dickinson, Pres., James Dalaby, 1st Vice Pres., David Buel, 2nd V. P., Obediah Rice Recording Sec’y., Amatus Robbins, M. D. Corresponding Sec’y, Albert Pawling Heartt, Treasurer, Moses Hale, M. D. & Ira M. Wells, M. D. Curators. Ref. “Tory 100 years” by Weise.

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