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Mount Prospect History

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  1. Central School - Demolition
    Photograph of Central School at Central and Emerson Streets prior to its demolition on March 27, 1975. Current library building now stands at this location.

  2. Certificate of Incorporation, 1917
    Illinois Secretary of State document officially recognizing the incorporation of the Village of Mount Prospect on February 3, 1917. It was signed on May 8, 1917 by then Secretary of State Louis E. Emmerson.

  3. Chamber Celebration--Invitation
    Invitation to the Mount Prospect Chamber of Commerce's 75th Anniversary Celebration and banquet held on Saturday, November 3, 2001. Honorary chairmen of the event were Senator Richard Durbin and Illinois Governor George Ryan.

  4. Chamber Celebration--Newspaper article
    Daily Herald newspaper article discussing the dinner held to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the Mount Prospect Chamber of Commerce. The article appears in the November 4, 2001 edition (Section 1, p. 3) of the paper.

  5. Chamber of Commerce Charter Members
    List of the original members of the Mount Prospect Chamber of Commerce. The organization was started on October 12, 1926. This page is from the Chamber's earliest ledger.

  6. Children of Louis F. Busse
    Group photograph of Louis F. Busse's children, c. 1911. Front row: Malinda (Mrs. Alvin Oehlerking, b. 1906), Mildred (Mrs. Elmer Benhard, b. 1910), Lydia (Mrs. Otto Coebbert, b. 1909). Back row: Raymond (b. 1902), Hilda (Mrs. Fred Meeske, b. 1900), Erwin (b. 1904).

  7. Children of William Busse
    Daughters of William Busse, c. 1915. Left to right: Helen (Mrs. Frank J. Bierman, 1895-), Matilda (Mrs. Henry Ehard, 1889-1958), Sophie (Mrs. J. E. A. Mueller, 1894-1975).

  8. Christian D. Busse and Martha Holste Wedding Picture
    Wedding picture of Christian D. Busse and Martha Holste taken November 11, 1903.

  9. Commissioner William Busse, c1945
    Photograph of Commissioner William Busse which was taken at his birthday party around 1945.

  10. Cook County Commissioners, 1901
    Group photograph of Cook County Commissioners and officials on occasion of President McKinley's Funeral, September 19, 1901. Commissioner William Busse of Mount Prospect is in first row second from the left.

  11. Danneo's Ice Cream Parlor -- Exterior, c. 1980
    Photograph of the exterior of Danneo's Ice Cream Parlor on the corner of Busse and Main Street. The photograph was taken during the 1980s.

  12. Danneo's Ice Cream Parlor -- Interior, c. 1980
    Photograph of the interior of Danneo's Ice Cream Parlor on the corner of Busse and Main Street. The photograph was taken during the 1980s.

  13. Diamond Jubilee Banquet Brochure
    A brochure prepared for the 75th Anniversary--the Diamond Jubilee--of Mount Prospect in 1992. This brochure was provided at a banquet held on February 1, 1992 to mark the beginning of the celebration.

  14. Diamond Jubilee Banquet Ticket
    Ticket to a banquet held to mark the beginning of the 75th Anniversary (Diamond Jubilee) of Mount Prospect in February 1992.

  15. Dietrich Friedrichs House Museum - Interior
    Photograph of Harmony Universal Stove -patented July 16, 1912- in kitchen of Dietrich Friedrichs House Museum. The stove was wood, coal, and gas burning. Offices of Historical Society are located in this home at 101 S. Maple Street.

  16. Dietrich Friedrichs House Museum--Exterior
    Postcard of Dietrich Friedrichs House decorated for July 4th, 1996. This structure at 101 S. Maple was the 13th house build in Mount Prospect. It is furnished to reflect the era of 1917, the year of the village's incorporation. The house is now home to the Mount Prospect Historical Society.

  17. District 26 Centennial Celebration Newspaper Article
    Daily Herald newspaper article by Diana Wallace which describes River Trails School District's Centennial Celebration. The article appeared October 19, 1995 in Section 5, page 1.

  18. District Centennial Celebration Post Card
    Post card prepared as part of the River Trails School District's Centennial Celebration in 1995.

  19. Dolores Haugh Oral History
    Audio and text versions of an oral history with Dolores Haugh as subject. The interview took place on August 13, 1991 in Mount Prospect, Illinois. The interviewer was Patricia Kelly.

  20. Edwin L. Busse Grocery Store
    Photograph showing the interior of one of the first fully-stocked grocery stores in Mount Prospect, c 1930. Owned by Edwin L. Busse (center), it was located east of Emerson Street on Northwest Highway. The woman on the right is Loretta Rateike. The woman on the left is a cardboard figure.

  21. Ehard Brothers
    Postcard showing four men posed with a horse and carriage in an unknown location. From left to right, the first two men are unidentified. The next man is Henry Ehard, the first clerk of Mount Prospect. The fourth man is Joe Ehard, a constable in Mount Prospect.

  22. Ehard Children
    Photograph of two Ehard daughters with an unidentified woman in front of the Ehard home on Busse Avenue. The photograph was taken on January 23, 1916. The baby's name is Ruth; the older child is Marjorie.

  23. Elk Grove Township Map, ca. 1930
    Plat map showing Elk Grove Township, ca. 1930, including a portion of Mount Prospect Village.

  24. Elm Street, 1927
    Photograph of Elm Street in Mount Prospect as it appeared on June 5, 1927. The image was taken from the intersection of Busse Avenue and Elm Street looking north on Elm Street.

  25. Elmer Blasco Oral History
    Audio and text copies of an oral history with Elmer Blasco as subject. The interviewer was Leo Floros. The interview was conducted in Mount Prospect in November 1991.

  26. Emerson Street, c1909
    Postcard showing Emerson Street as it appeared around 1909.

  27. Ezra and Agnes Eggleston
    Photograph of Ezra Eggleston and his second wife, Agnes, ca. 1880. Eggleston correctly predicted that land along the railroad tracks beyond the seven mile swamp that surrounded Chicago would become valuable. He named the village "Mount Prospect" because it is situated on one of Cook County's highest points and because he had high hopes for the area.

  28. Fairview School
    Postcard showing the first Fairview School as it appeared around 1960. This building was constructed in 1953. It was torn down and replaced by another school building that was opened in 1996.

  29. Farmers in Wheeling Township
    Photograph of unidentified farmers with horse team harnessed for work. The farm was located on Palatine Road just west of Wolf Road in Wheeling Township.

  30. Feehanville School Class of 1926-1927
    Photograph of Feehanville School's Class of 1926-1927 posed in front of the school.

  31. Feehanville School Class of 1931
    Photograph of Feehanville School's Class of 1931 posed in front of the school.

  32. Feehanville School Class, 1930s
    Photograph of a class from Feehanville School taken during the 1930s.

  33. Feehanville School Spring Outing, 1922
    Photograph of Feehanville School students on a Spring outing in 1922. Mothers of the children are in the back row.

  34. Feehanville School, 1950s
    Photograph of Feehanville School possibly taken during the 1950s.

  35. Fire Chief Edwin Haberkamp, ca. 1953
    Photograph showing then fire chief Edwin Haberkamp by a firetruck during the Memorial Day parade, ca. 1953.

  36. Fire Station
    Photograph showing fire department vehicles just outside the combination Municipal Building and Fire Station. This structure was built at Northwest Highway and Maple Street on land purchased from William Busse. Construction of the building began in late 1947.

  37. First Mount Prospect Businesses
    Photograph showing earliest business buildings in Mount Prospect in area of Northwest Highway and Main Street. Included are a feed seed and farm machinery warehouse; blacksmith shop; post office; and general store. The photograph was taken sometime after 1885 when the first post office was established. The residents shown are unidentified.

  38. First Mount Prospect School
    Photograph of first District 57 school building constructed by William Wille, ca. 1890. One of first students, John Pohlman, recalled initially using nail kegs as seats. St. John's Episcopal Church later purchased the school.

  39. First Mount Prospect School, ca 1960
    Postcard showing the first Mount Prospect schoolhouse as it appeared around 1960. The building, once owned by District 57 and then by St. John's Episcopal Church, it now belongs to the Mount Prospect Historical Society It is located next to the Historical Society's museum on Maple Street.

  40. Forest View High School, ca 1960
    Postcard showing Forest View High School around 1960. The school is located at 2121 S. Goebbert Road in Arlington Heights. It is no longer a regular high school but acts as a location for alternative and adult education classes.

  41. Francek Home - Demolition, 1966
    Photograph showing area along Northwest Highway between Emerson and Main Streets taken on August 8, 1966 while the Francek home was being demolished

  42. Frank Biermann Oral History
    Audio and text copies of a presentation given by Frank Biermann at a Mount Prospect meeting on October 27, 1969. Also heard on the tape are Mrs. Dolores Haugh and George L. Busse along with an unnamed moderator.

  43. Garden Club of Mount Prospect, 1976
    Photograph showing members of the Garden Club preparing the Bicentennial bed along Northwest Highway in May 1976. The bed was designed by Anthony Tyznik, then director of the Morton Arboretum. The gardeners are (left to right) Sally Viger (standing); Carol Alcoe; Rachel Toeppen; an unidentified child; Joan Barker; and Janice Grovak.

  44. George Busse Real Estate, c. 1930
    In 1926, George Busse moved his real estate business to this building at 12 East Busse St.

  45. George L. Busse & Co., c. 1965
    Photograph showing front entrance of the Busse Real Estate office at 12 E. Busse as it appeared in the late 1960s. The addition was built in 1965.

  46. George L. Busse Oral History
    Audio and text copies of a presentation given by George L. Busse at a Mount Prospect Historical Society function held on April 16, 1974. Several other unidentified speakers are also heard. Busse and the other people discuss various aspects of Mount Prospect history and housing developments. The presentation is 38 minutes, 44 seconds long.

  47. George Louis Busse, c1922
    Photograph of George Louis Busse taken around 1922. It appears on Busse's 1922 Illinois Chauffeur's License No. 19968.

  48. George R. Busse Oral History
    Audio and text copies of an oral history with Geroge R. Busse as subject. The interview was Budd Wilder. The interview took place in Mount Prospect in 1991.

  49. George Wittenberg, Motorcycle Officer
    George Wittenberg joined the village police department as a motorcycle officer in 1932. In this photograph, taken in June 1937, he is shown with the motorcycle and Len Johnson, Jr.

  50. Goldblatt's Fire, 1977
    Two color photographs showing scenes from the fire that took place at the Goldblatts store in Mount Prospect Plaza on February 6, 1977. The store and a book store next to it were destroyed.

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