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Mitchell Museum of the American Indian

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  1. Blackfoot deerskin doll (C. 1910)
    12 1/2 inch deerskin in red with green trim white beads. Leather belt and beaded moccassins. black string hair and beaded facial features (1981.375)

  2. Cherokee (North Carolina) male doll (C. 1970's)
    A 9 inch tall carved wooden doll with black yarn hair, dressed in a green floral print shirt with a white leather belt, tan wool pants, a red kerchief and a plaid bandana holding wood spear with red plastic point. (1982.249)

  3. Cherokee (Oklahoma) male doll C. 1950's
    12 inch cloth doll with a featureless clay face dressed in buckskin tunic, lpants and shoes, with braided yarn hair and buckskin headband. (1977.14)

  4. Cherokee (Qualla Reservation) female doll (20th C)
    7 1/2" tall plastic doll with painted facial featues, dressed in brown fringed suede shirt with a white painted design, brown suede pants with a patterned cloth senw on front, suede mocassins. Has real hair with a leather heandband and feather. (2006.12.75)

  5. Cherokee (Southeast) carved wood female doll C. 1960
    8 1/2 tall carved wood female doll with movable jointed arms with embroidered thread for hair, wearing a flower print cloth dress, white cloth bloomers and shawl. Carrying a cloth baby form bundle on her back. Woman is working a wooden mortar and pestle. (1981.373)

  6. Cherokee (Southeast) female doll ( C. 1960)
    A 8 1/2 inch carved wooden doll with painted eye features and black yarn hair, wearing a blue print dress and bloomers and a white shawl with a baby form with no features in the back of the shawl. Arms and legs are jointed and movable. (1963.1.4)

  7. Cherokee basket with lid (1990)
    A 4 1/2 inch by 3 7/8 inch basket with lid made of plaited honeysuckle vine and oak with white and maroon dyes. (2001.40.02)

  8. Cherokee basket with lid (1990)
    A small twined basket made of honeysuckle vines. (2001.04.01)

  9. Cherokee jar shaped basket (1990)
    a 6 inch by 8 inch jar shaped basket made of plaited oak with black and orange dyes. (2001.40.06)

  10. Cherokee minature basket with handle (20th C)
    A 2 inch by 3 1/2 inch woven basket made of oak splints (2006.12.31)

  11. Cherokee rectangular minature basket (20th C)
    A 3 inch by 5 inch wovne basket made oak splints. (2006.12.30)

  12. Cherokee square basket (c 1970's)
    A medium sized woven square basket made of oak or maple. (1987.92)

  13. Cherokee square basket (Date Unknown)
    A 5 inch by 5 inch double walled sqaure basket made of woven reeds with orange and brown dyes. (2002.06.02)

  14. Cherokee twined basket (20th c)
    A twine bowl made of honeysuckle with analine dyes. (1999.11.07)

  15. Cherokee urn shaped woven basket (1990)
    An urn shaped woven basket made of oak splints with black and red dyes (2001.04.05)

  16. Cherokee vase shaped woven basket (1990)
    A medium sized vase shaped basket made of dyed oak splints (2001.04.02)

  17. Cherokee woven basket with handles (1990)
    A large woven basket with handles made of dyed oak splints (2001.04.03)

  18. Cherokee: Dolly Taylor (North Carolina) doll cradle basket (1992)
    An 8 inch x 5 1/2 inch woven white oak and walnut with bloodroot dyes spint cradle with cover (1992.065)

  19. Cheyenne leather doll C. 1900
    18 inch tall in leather skirt, top, leggings and moccassins, tin cone jingles, beaded shoulders and skirt hem (1979.084)

  20. Chippewa (?) basket tray (Date Unknown)
    A medium sized tray made of folded birch bark and natural fibers. (1987.140)

  21. Chippewa (Great Lakes) female doll (C. 1970)
    A 10 1/4" tall soft buckskin doll dressed in fringed buckskin dress with red and white beaded headband carrys a fringed buckskin bag with beaded floral pattern. Dress and collar have beaded floral design. Belt is red diamond pattern and gray beads. (1977.26)

  22. Chippewa birch bask basket (late 19th C)
    A large double walled rectangular basket made of folded birch bark and has a wood ring around top (1994.091)

  23. Chippewa carved wooden doll C. 1940's
    10" Chippewa female carved wood doll with painted face and hands with braided human hair. Wearing silk stockings, purple cotton print dress and pink satin head scarf, leather moccassins, beaded leather belt and bead necklace. (not shown) black satin

  24. Chippewa cylinder shaped woven basket (1989)
    A 6 inch by 5 inch cylinder shaped basket made of ash and birch splints (2006.12.25)

  25. Chippewa flower pot shaped basket (late 20th C)
    A 5 1/2 inch by 5 1/2 inch by 6 inch folded birch bark basket with reinforced edging (2002.42.03)

  26. Chippewa folded basket (late 20th C)
    A 6 inch by 6 inch by 6 1/2 inch folded basket made of birch bark with a bark strip edging. (2002.42.01)

  27. Chippewa folded cylindrical basket (late 20th C)
    A 4 inch by 4 inch by 7 inch folded birch bark cylindrical basket with wood strip edging. (2002.42.02)

  28. Chippewa folded square basket (late 20th C)
    A 4 inch by 4 inch by 5 1/2" inch basket made of flded birch bark with wood strip edging and grass threading. (2002.42.05)

  29. Chippewa oblong birchbark basket (1991)
    A 11 inch by 4 inch by 6 inch basket made of folded birch bark and birch fiber (1991.100)

  30. Chippewa rectangular birch bark basket (early 20th C)
    A 10 inch by 7 inch by 6 inch folded birch bark bsaket with plant designs (1977.26)

  31. Chippewa round basket with lid (Date Unknown)
    A medium sized round basket made of folded and woven black ash splint with a braided section around bottom of basket (2000.09.36)

  32. Chippewa small basket tray (c 1900)
    A small basket tray made of folded and woven black ash splints (1994.081)

  33. Chippewa small coild basket (late 20th C)
    A 2 inch by 1 1/2 inch flat top basket made of coiled sweetgrass and black thread (2004.09.03)

  34. Chippewa small coiled basket (late 20th C)
    A 1 1/2" by 1 3/4" basket with pointed lid made of coiled sweetgrass and black thread (2004.09.04)

  35. Chippewa square basket (1991)
    A 6 inch by 6 inch by 3 inch folded basket made of white birch bark (2002.42.04)

  36. Chippewa toy canoe C. 1940
    A 11" x 2 1/2" model canoe made of cut piece of birchbark and sewn with a natural fiber, possibly a root. (1987.139)

  37. Chippewa toy cradleboard (20th C)
    A 14 1/4 x 6 1/2 green painted wood toy cradleboard with diagonal slots cut across top edge. A red plaid cover with yellow rick rack covers a white cloth lining with red rick rack and a red flower cloth border, laced together with a leather strap. (1987.091)

  38. Chippewa turtle basket (Date Unknown)
    A 12 inch by 5 inch turtle shaped basket made of woven willow branches (2003.12.01)

  39. Chippewa-Cree (Upper Great Lakes ) Male doll C. 1930
    10 1/2 inch tall carved wood doll with painted face and hands. Deer skin tunic and blue wool pants, leather moccassins, deerskin head band and human hair wig. (1963.1.70)

  40. Chippewa-Cree doll C. 1930
    10 1/2 inch tall female carved wood doll with a pinted face, dress in deer skin dress, wool leggings, leather moccassins, cotton shawl. Horsehair(?) braids Tag on back says Wife of Poor Coyote.

  41. Chitimacha (Louisiana) oblong "Naxtuaaki" basket (1900-1910)
    A 5 1/2" x 9" double woven red dye and black walnut reed cane basket with lid in an "alligator entrails" design (1983.192)

  42. Choctaw (Mississippi: Tucker Community) female doll (1989)
    12 1/2 inch tall cloth doll with black yarn hair adorned with beaded barrets and earrings with embroidered facial features, wearing a orange cloth dress with white design on cuffs and front, a blue and yellow beaded belt over a white apron. A green and white necklace hangs around her neck. (1989.049B)

  43. Choctaw (Mississippi: Tucker Community) male doll (1989)
    12 1/2 inch male cloth doll with yarn hair and embroidered facial features wearing a black felt hat, black felt vest with floral beadwork design and bead necklace, over a red felt shirt with white cloth cuffs and collar, black felt pants (1989.49A)

  44. Choctaw picnic basket (Date Unknown)
    A 7 inch by 5 inch by 6 inch woven basket made of dyed river cane (2002.06.03)

  45. Choctaw small round basket (Date Unknown)
    A 2 inch by 2 inch woven basket made of dyed reed cane (2002.06.04)

  46. Choctaw split reed diamond shaped basket with handle (Date Unknown)
    A 10 inch by 8 1/2" woven basket with natural dyes (2002.06.01)

  47. Choctaw, Mississippi miniature stickball sticks (C. 1993)
    A pair of 12 1/4 inch x 1 inch hand split lengths of wood, thinned and bent around at one end, wrapped and laced with strips of hide. (1993.025.AB)

  48. Columbia River (Northwest Coast) cone shaped basket
    A medium sized twined cone shaped basket made of grasses with a leather strap. (1983.109)

  49. Coushatta (?) basket (20th C)
    A 4 1/2 inch by 3 1/2 inch basket made of coiled pine needles sewn together with split stitch. (1983.247)

  50. Coushatta (?) small round basket (mid 20th C)
    A 4 1/2 inch by 2 1/4 inch coiled basket made of sweetgrass and black thread and birch bark (1983.245)

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