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Mitchell Museum of the American Indian

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  1. (Unknown people) (Colorado) cloth doll C. 1890 -1900
    Cloth doll with leather covered face ,beaded features in white, black and red, human hair for wig, leather mocassins, leggings and leather fringed dress with blue and white beads in cross shapes across yoke, front and back and on moccassins.

  2. (Unknown people) "Plains" Indian miniature tipi (20th Century)
    An 8 inch tall tipi made of blue painted wooden poles with a hide covering with painted designs. (2006.12.76)

  3. (Unknown People) "Plains" toy cradleboard (mid 20th Century)
    A 4 inch hide doll with painted wooden face with black yarn hair wrapped in a cloth blanket on a wooden cradleboard with sunshade tied on with leather thongs. A linen cloth drapes over the cradleboard. (2005.14.02)

  4. (Unknown people) Black Hills Female doll C. 1950
    8 inch tall carved wood female doll with painted clay face, wool hair, clay hands. Wire wrapped legs and arms dressed in a cloth dress and shawl. leather moccassins with painted designs, wearing a beaded necklace. (1963.1.43)

  5. (Unknown people) cloth doll (date unknown)
    6 1/2 inch tall fabric doll covered with black cloth and a pink satin ribbon (1981.362)

  6. (Unknown people) cloth doll in deerskin (c 1960's)
    11inch cloth doll with yarn hair in beaded deerskin (1981.374)

  7. (Unknown people) Corn husk Doll (Date Unknown)
    6 inch tall horse and rider made from corn husks. Rider is wearing a dyed(?) corn husk tunic and leggings. A dyed husk headband and has corn silk hair. small dyed husk trim on arms. Horse has dyed husk saddle and bridal. Both horse and rider have drawn facial features (1981.369)

  8. (Unknown People) cylinder shaped basket (Date Unknown)
    A 7 inch by 9 inch cylinder shaped basket made of twined grasses (1979.046)

  9. (Unknown people) leather doll, C1960-1970's
    10 inch tall unknown maker leather doll with yarn hair and beaded facial features wearing a red rayon dress with blue skirt and green yarn belt.and blue bead neckless and red and yellow earrings. (1981.353)

  10. (Unknown People) New Mexico doll in shawl (date unknown)
    12 inch tall softcloth doll with sewn facial features and braided black thread hair wearing a red courderoy tunic and blue felt pants with a white cotton shawl (1981.350)

  11. (Unknown people) North Dakota doll c. 1920
    A cloth doll. male, in fur hat with a painted leather face with bead features, yarn hait in 3 braids. Leather hands, buckskin shirt, pants with red, blue and white bead trim, holding a buckskin bag with green bead trim (1963.1.34)

  12. (Unknown People) Northwest Coast tray (date unknown)
    A 19 inch diameter coiled tray with brown, white and black swirling arms and a brown sun apttern in the center (1983.127)

  13. (Unknown people) Northwest Native Doll Late 20th C
    A plastic doll dressed in red wool with red wool headband and human hair wig, sitting with red and black wool blanket with mother of pearl buttons and glass seed beads. (2003.19.23)

  14. (Unknown people) Plains (Sioux?) doll (date unknown)
    8 inch tall female doll made of deerskin dressed in a deerskin tunic with beaded facial features and horsehair (?) wearing a bead necklace. (2003.19.07)

  15. (Unknown People) Plains tipi (date unknown)
    An 8 3/4 inches x 5 1/2 inches model tipi made of leather sewnover wooden poles and tied with leather straps. It is decorated with painted feathers, arrows, bison and horses. (1984.051)

  16. (Unknown People) Possible Iroquois large basket (Date Unknown)
    A 4 inch by 8 1/2 inch oval basket made of woven plant grasses (1979.049)

  17. (Unknown People) Western Plains - Ute type toy cradleboard (C. 1880-1900)
    A 16" x 6" wood board containg a stuffed wool and cotton doll form has a bent reed sunshade/bonnet and is covered with elk skin dyed orange and is sewn toegther with leather thongs, a blue and white beaded stitching adorns the top, a red, white and

  18. (Unknown People) Woodlands basket tray (Date Unknown)
    A shallow tray made of folded birch bark and wood strips (1989.012)

  19. (Unknown People)(Plains? Crow?) hand sewn soft doll (C. 1920)
    9" tall soft doll with stocking face, drawn facial features, wearing a a hand sewn white tunic with green thread trim and white pants and boots. a blue thread cinch around the waist and has a multi colored bead necklace, doll is covered by a black

  20. (Unknown) Northeast Woodlands rectagular basket (c 1920)
    A large basket made of woven and folded splints with fiber threading (1994.087)

  21. (Unknown) Pomo (?) basket with pine trees (date unknown)
    A 5 inch basket made of coiled yucca (?) with devil's claw (2000.09.27)

  22. (Unknown) Possible Native doll (date unknown)
    13 inch carved wood doll, Male, in buckskin tunic, leggings and moccassins. Pianted face with braided horse hair. Beaded tunic collar, leggings and moccassins. (1981.379)

  23. (Unknown) Possible Native doll (date unknown)
    13 inch tall male doll of carved wood with deerskin tunic and leggings, bearclaw and bead necklace with a fur headpiece. carrying wood rattle and deerskin bag. (1981.380)

  24. Acoma carved wooden doll (1930's - 1940's)
    An eight inch carved wooden doll with bowl on head painted in black, white and yellow. (1981.331)

  25. Aleut (Alaska) bottle basket (C. 1920)
    A glass bottle covered with woven grasses and Russian trade yarn (1977.216)

  26. Aleut (Alaska) round mat (date unknown)
    A 4 1/2 inch diameter finely woven grass mat or lid with red and blue step desgins on border with open work circles every five rows towards center (1983.129)

  27. Algonquin woven and braided basket (Date Unknown)
    A 3 inch x 7 inch woven basket made of sweet grass and splints. (1979.30)

  28. Apache (New Mexico) toy cradleboard (C. 1910)
    A 13" long child's toy cradleboard made of yellow painted wood attached to a bent wood frame, covered with leather with red and black bead work in a zig zag pattern and tin cones attached ath the foot. A rusted tin sunshade sits atop the

  29. Apache (Western) Basket Bowl (1900-1910)
    4 1/2 inch x 21 inch 3 rod coiled close stitched bowl made of yucca and devil's claw. Showing a sun pattern and human figures. (1994.08)

  30. Apache (Western) Olla basket (c 1890)
    A 15 inch high x 12 inch wide twined basket made of willow and devils' claw. With animal figures and trees throughout and a star pattern on the bottom. (1981.384)

  31. Apache (Western) toy cradleboard (C. 1960's - 1970's)
    A 17 1/2 inch x 4 inch wood cradleboard with a female cloth doll with a painted facial features and black yarn hair wrapped in a blue cloth, tan covering tied in by leather like straps, under a cotton cloth covered aluminum sunshade. (1981.231)

  32. Apache (Western) toy cradleboard (date unknown)
    A 7 inch long bent wood cradleboard with wood slats covered with sewn leather covering. A soft cloth doll with drawn features is wrapped in a green and white cloth blanket, the doll is covered by a wood and fabric sunshade. (1977.013)

  33. Apache basket tray (mid 20th c)
    A 9 1/2 inch diameter coiled tray made of yucca and devil's claw with a star pattern and deer and crosses. (2001.40.05)

  34. Apache burden basket (c 1890)
    A 13 1/2 inch x 15 inch twined burden basket made of grasses and leather fringe, with a diamond shape pattern in the middle. (1981.383)

  35. Apache drummer doll (C. 1970's)
    10 inch tall sewn soft doll with a clay head with painted eyes, hair (human?) wearing a diamond pattern cotton shirt and red wool pants with beaded trim over beaded moccassins. A black and orange bead necklace hangs around neck and a leather belt around waist. (1977.028)

  36. Apache female soft doll with cradle board (date unknown)
    12 inch female soft doll wearing a red dress with black and white rick rack pattern at hem, waist and neckline. beaded buttons on beige cloth collar and trim. Woman has black yarn hair and has sewn facial features. Cradleboard is buckskin with red and white beads. (1980.028)

  37. Apache miniature burden basket (late 20th C)
    A 3 1/2 inch by 3 inch basket made of twined willow with leather thongs with tin jingles (2006.12.38)

  38. Apache Olla basket (mid 20th C)
    A 12 inch by 11 inch coiled basket made of willow and devils claw patterned with zig zag, diamonds, coyote tracks and human and animal figures. (2004.02.05)

  39. Apache or Crow doll C. 1950's
    8 1/2 inch tall cloth doll in fringed deeskin tunic and leggings. With black string hair, beaded facial features. Beads on tunic arms, along hem and is wearing a beaded necklace. (1981.337)

  40. Apache twined basket (20th C)
    An 11 inch x 12 inch twined basket made of grasses and natural dyes with a leather border along rim (1979.13)

  41. Apache water jar basket with handles (Date Unknown)
    A tall pitche covered water jar shaped basket made of prairie grasses. (1982.175)

  42. Apche burden basket (Date unknown)
    A medium sized burden basket made of coiled grasses with leather thongs and tin jingles (2000.09.32)

  43. Athabaskan (Yukon, Canada) miniature snowshoes (C. 1986)
    A 13 inch long by 3 inch wide each pair of snowshoes made of carved and bent wood with gut stringing. (2006.12.17.AB)

  44. Athabaskan birch bark basket (late 1960's)
    A 1/2 inch x 8 1/2 inch basket made of birch bark stitched and bound with root (2004.14.01)

  45. Athabaskan doll C. 1910
    8 1/2 inch tall soft doll with beaded facial features and animal bones for arms, wearing a fringed and beaded leather tunic with hood and beaded leather leggings. (1981.367)

  46. Athabaskan doll in parka (Date Unknown)
    A 9 1/2 inch tall cloth doll with sewn facial features dressed in a white Caribou fur parka with brown fur trim on hood edge and chest and bottom edging, Doll is also wearing sewn leather boots with bead trim. The hands are made of Caribou teeth. (1982.306)

  47. Athabaskan stitched basket (late 1960's)
    A 5 inch x 8 1/2 inch basket made of birch bark stitched and bound with root. Marked alternately inverted to form triangular design. (2004.14.02)

  48. Athabaskan tray with handles (c 1920)
    A 12 1/2 inch diameter coiled tray made of willow with natural dyes in red and blue creating a star burst pattern. (1981.403)

  49. Athabaskan trinket basket (c 1930's)
    A 3 inch by 5 inch coiled willow root basket with lid. With black, blue, pink paint (?) (1981.404)

  50. Blackfoot (Idaho) toy cradleboard (C. 1910)
    A 17 inch long toy cradleboard made of sewn leather with a beaded top in a plant and star patterns, with a leather apron (?) and a photograph is used for dolls face (1980.020)

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