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Postcards -- General View

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  1. (Aleck) Wabunosa, Ojibwa Brave. dpc6882

  2. 'Say, I Hain't Stole Nuffin'! Dis Was Giv' To Me Dis Was!"
    Postcard view of a boy carrying a watermelon.

  3. 'Whither away, my pretty maid?' dpc6657

  4. "A Fair Japanese." dpc6949

  5. "Barrely" Able To Write--From Rip Snorting West Texas! Busy Person's Correspondence Card--Time is money--check Items Desired. 4AH1380.
    Cartoon postcard. On Back: Equal to Maine, N.Y. and Penna. in area, the 1890 population of tthe 95 counties of West Texas multiplied ten times to 981,351 by 1930 and 1,019525 by 1940.

  6. "Bijou." dpc7301

  7. "Gimme A Light." dpc7342

  8. "Girls Wanted" On Milwaukee River. VO46G
    Stock postcard view of men in canoes.

  9. "Hawthorne Works"--The New 110 Acre Plant of the Western Electric Company.At Hawthorne, Ill.
    view of the "Hawthorne Works" plant

  10. "I Count the Hours Since You Are Gone, And Wait and Watch Your Quick Return." dpc6963

  11. "I Heard A Gentleman Say Maidens Are Fairest in Japan." dpc6964

  12. "I Helped Build Pike's Peak Railway." dpc5597

  13. "Months of the Year" Series by Alphonse Mucha. JH389 (1-12)
    12 postcard series depicting the months of the year in Art Nouveau style. Created by Alphonse Mucha.

  14. "Oh Lotus Leaf! I Dreamt That the Wide Earth Held Nought More Pure Than Thee." dpc6960

  15. "Our Twins", The First National Bank of Millstadt, Millstadt, IL.
    "Our Twins", The First National Bank of Millstadt, Millstadt, IL

  16. "Pretty-Old-Man" of the Crows. dpc6077

  17. "Queen of the Geisha." dpc6953

  18. "Rattlesnake" On Guard, Assinaboine. dpc11162

  19. "Rise in Thy Beauty, Queen of the Night, Send Us the Joy of Thy Soft Beaming Light." dpc10525

  20. "Stripes." dpc5596

  21. "Sweet Dreams of Love." dpc6947

  22. "The Fishing Is Fine!
    Postcard cartoon of a boy pulling fish out of a bowl.

  23. "The Spider," Watching by the Window. dpc6951

  24. "The Table is Good Here!
    Postcard cartoon of children pulling food off of a table and eating it.

  25. "They Were on Their Honeymoon." dpc8066

  26. "Two of a Kind." dpc9236

  27. "Watermelon Jake." dpc522

  28. "White and Yellow Cow" and His Wife, "Singing Bird", Gros Ventre. dpc11158

  29. "With Laughing Song and Merry Dance." dpc6955

  30. A "Bovinemobile." dpc11517

  31. A "Hot" Bath
    Postcard cartoon of a child being pinched on the toe by a crab as others look on.

  32. A Bit of Gossip. dpc6342

  33. A Boxing Match. dpc11332

  34. A Bunch "Loaded" But Sober. dpc7763

  35. A Bunch of Beauties grown by THE G.D. SUTTON Co., Largest seed corn firm in the world, Mason City, IL. Geneseo, IL. U.S.A.
    G. D. Sutton Company, Mason City, IL.,

  36. A Bunch of Bucking Broncho Busters. dpc11345

  37. A Bunco Game. dpc7376

  38. A Colorado Nightingale. dpc5601

  39. A Cree Indian. dpc11160

  40. A Daughter of the West
    Postcard view of a woman on horseback holding a lasso.

  41. A Day's Catch At Lake Geneva
    Stock postcard view of a row of fish attached to a pole.

  42. A Day's Catch at the Lake.
    Postcard view of a row of fish hanging from a stick.

  43. A Friend Wanted Us For Dinner To-Day
    Postcard cartoon of two hunters being scared by a bear.

  44. A Golden Harvest. Corn and Pumpkins. dpc11847

  45. A Great Favorite. dpc12530

  46. A Gros Ventre Camp. dpc11358

  47. A Happy Family. dpc6470

  48. A High Stepper
    Postcard cartoon of a character dressed in women's clothes.

  49. A Horseless Carriage. dpc6330

  50. A Hungry Jack. dpc6089

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