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Postcards -- Northwest (WA,OR,MT.ID,WY,AK)

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  1. Alaska Highway. 4BH1212
    Postcard showing a section of the Alaska Highway

  2. Beacon Rock State Park WA - Beacon Rock, Evergreen Highway, WA, View from Columbia River, OR. 0BH87
    The image of Beacon Rock is shown with the Columbia River in the foreground and Beacon Rock in the background.

  3. Beartooth Mountains WY - Vista of the wild and craggy Beartooth Mountains. 2BH22
    Panoramic view of the Beartooth Mountains with a sharply curved highway in the foreground.

  4. Beehive Geyser, Yellowstone National Park, on Northern Pacific Railroad
    Postcard view of a geyser at Yellowstone National Park.

  5. Bellingham WA - Wegley's Auto Court. 0BH15
    Postcard view of a blue-roofed motel in Washington.

  6. Billings MT - Greetings from Billings Montana. 1BH777
    "Large letter" style postcard for Billings, Montana. Various images from the Billings area are repsresented in each letter.

  7. Billings MT - Northern Hotel. 3B120
    Postcard showing the Northen Hotel in Billings.

  8. Boise ID - Ada County Court House. 2BH1155
    Postcard showing the exterior of the Ada County Court House in Boise, ID.

  9. Boise ID - Greetings from Boise Idaho. 2BH1156
    Large letter postcard for Boise, ID, with the Idaho State Capitol building below the letters.

  10. Bremerton WA - Navy Yard. VO6411
    Postcard view of a Naval yard.

  11. Buffalo WY - Capitol Grill and Bar. 2BH241
    Postcard showing three views of the Capitol Grill and Bar including the cocktail lounge and bar.

  12. Butte MT - A Gold Dredge. dpc6921
    Postcard view of a gold dredge in Butte.

  13. Butte MT - Anaconda Mine. dpc6920
    Postcard view of a mine in Butte.

  14. Butte MT - Big Butte and Water Reservoir. dpc6916
    Postcard view of Big Butte Mountain and a reservoir in Butte.

  15. Butte MT - Cleaning Up on a Gold Dredge. dpc6922
    Postcard view of a group of men working on a gold dredge.

  16. Butte MT - Columbia Gardens. dpc6915
    Postcard view of Columbia Gardens in Butte.

  17. Butte MT - Court House. dpc6913
    Postcard view of the Butte courthouse.

  18. Butte MT - Greetings from Butte, Metropolis of Montana.
    Large letter postcard from Butte, Montana. Various views of Butte can be seen in the letters.

  19. Butte MT - Main Street Looking North. 0BH846
    This image shows a downtown street scene with a building in the foreground that has a Red Boot Shoe Co. sign on it.

  20. Butte MT - Montana School of Mines. 2B124
    Postcard showing the Montana School of Mines in Butte.

  21. Butte MT - Pennsylvania Mine. dpc6919
    Postcard view of a mine in Butte, with a mountain range in the background.

  22. Butte Mt - Point of Rocks, Harding Way, Highway U.S. 10, East of Butte. 0BH845
    This image shows a road with a guard rail on one side and rock formations on the other side.

  23. Butte MT - School of Mines. dpc6914
    Postcard view of the Butte School of Mines.

  24. Butte MT - Section of the Richest Hill in the World. 2B126
    Postcard view of a mining operation in Butte.

  25. Butte MT - Speculator Mine. dpc6917
    Postcard of a mine in Butte.

  26. Butte, MT - Big Butte with School of Mines emblem. 0BH847
    This image shows a town in the forefront and a mountain with a large letter M at its peak in the background.

  27. Cascade Mountains WA - The famous Olympian in the Cascade Mountains. 0BH1137
    An image of a train including the front of the engine to the back of the train winding through the Cascade Mountains.

  28. Casper WY - Hello from Casper, Wyoming. 1BH2681
    Large-letter postcard depicting scenes from Casper, Wyoming.

  29. Casper WY - Seminoe Dam and Lake on the North Platte River. 0B19
    Postcard view of Mountains and a dam on the North Platte River.

  30. Cheyenne WY - "Landing" in Cheyenne . 1B124
    Comic postcard view of a silhouetted cowboy wrestling a steer and another cowboy on a bucking bronco.

  31. Cheyenne WY - A Street and Baracks in the Replacement Center, Fort Francis E. Warren. 1B558
    View down a row of barracks in Fort Francis E. Warren.

  32. Cheyenne WY - Barracks, Main Section of the Fort, Fort Francis E. Warren. 1B559
    Postcard showing the exterior barracks at Fort Francis E. Warren.

  33. Cheyenne WY - Carey Ave. Looking South. 4B219
    Postcard view of Carey Avenue in Cheyenne.

  34. Cheyenne WY - Cheyenne Bowling Lanes. 1BH2684
    Postcard advertising a bowling alley. The front of the card provides two views of the bowling alley's lounge areas and one of the alley's ten lanes.

  35. Cheyenne WY - Entrance to Fort Francis E. Warren. 1B557
    Postcard showing the entrance to Fort Francis E. Warren.

  36. Cheyenne WY - Frontier Auto Court. 2BH274
    Postcard view of the Frontier Auto Court with an illustrated cowboy riding a rearing horse below.

  37. Cheyenne WY - Greetings from. 0B100
    Large letter postcard with various Cheyenne-related images within each letter.

  38. Cheyenne WY - Howdy from Old Cheyenne . 1B123
    Comic postcard view of a silhouetted cowboy on a bucking bronco and a stage coach.

  39. Cheyenne WY - Indian Village Motor Lodges, West U.S. 30. 0BH1215
    Indian Village Motor Lodges is made up of an auto camp and one tipi in the front.

  40. Cheyenne WY - Lincoln Auto Court. 2BH312
    Postcard view of Lincoln Auto Court with a sign in the foreground sporting a portrait of Abraham Lincoln.

  41. Cheyenne WY - Replacement Center Barracks with Buildings of the Main Fort in Background, Fort Francis E. Warren. 1B560
    View of barracks and buildings in Fort Francis E. Warren from a distance.

  42. Cheyenne WY - Ride 'Em Cowboy! 2B159
    Postcard of a man riding a horse advertising for Cheyenne Frontier Days.

  43. Cheyenne WY - Seventeenth Street and Business District. 0B99
    Postcard view of a busy, car-lined street in Cheyenne.

  44. Cheyenne WY - Sixteenth Street (Lincoln Way) and Business District. 1B803
    Postcard view of Sixteenth Street, and the Plains Hotel and business district of Cheyenne.

  45. Cheyenne WY - State Capitol Building. 0B11
    Postcard view of the Wyoming Capitol Building in Cheyenne.

  46. Cheyenne WY - Sunset from the Bathing Beach, Legion Park. 1B87
    Postcard view of a sunset in a municipal recreation area.

  47. Cheyenne WY - Transportation Center, "The Crossroads of the Nation" by Night. 4B217
    Postcard view of a bus depot in Cheyenne.

  48. Cheyenne WY - U.S. Veterans' Hospital. 0B345
    Postcard view fo a Cheyenne hospital.

  49. Cheyenne WY - Union Pacific Bus Depot. 1B256
    Postcard representation of the Union Pacific Bus depot in Cheyenne.

  50. Cheyenne WY - Vista of the Union Pacific R.R. Depot. 4B220
    Postcard view of the Union Pacific Railroad Depot in Cheyenne.

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