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Algonquin & Lake in the Hills Local History

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  1. 1878 Peter Home
    Historic photograph of the Sculley-Merril Home (Est. 1878), also known as the Peter Home, located at 301 S. Main St., Algonquin. John Peter, the first mayor of Algonquin after its incorporation in 1890, built this house in 1878 and resided there

  2. 1905 Algonquin Girls Basketball Beauties
    1st Row: Valentine Schuett, Elsie Adamek, Coach Eckert, Unknown, Mirtie Jayne. Middle Row: Unknown, Agnes Fitzek, Edna Pflaum, Ada Kern. 3rd Row: Laura Pflaum, Isabel Adamek

  3. 1935 Centennial Parade
    1935 Centennial parade - with Commander Arnold Duensing mounted.

  4. 1st and 2nd Grade Schoolchildren
    Top Row (L-R): Howard Diercks, Lillian Beacon Mink, Frank Dirchman, Bob Brandlin, Joanne Spaulding, Claude Michaels, 2nd Row: Paul Henk, Bob Simonini, Jerry Prachar, Unknown, Unknown, Howard Scheuer, Unkown, Vernon "Sputsie" Robinette. 3rd Row: Jeff

  5. Aftermath of the Great Flood of 1898
    Looking East, showing the old ice house and Kabala's Tavern.

  6. Aftermath of the Great Flood of 1898
    Townspeople ponder the aftermath of flood waters that washed out the bridge across the Fox River. The structure on the corner is the property located at 104 S. Main Street, known at different times as James Philp's Blacksmith Shop, Gevers & Dvorak

  7. Algonquin State Bank (1902-1955)
    Interior view of Algonquin State Bank located on the corner of East Main and Washington Street. This building served the village for 53 years until it was replaced by a more modern structure in 1955.

  8. Algonquin State Bank (Dedicated March 5, 1955)
    Exterior view of Algonquin State Bank.

  9. Algonquin the Beautiful: A History of Its Pioneers and Settlement In Commemoration of Its 100th Birthday ALOGNQUIN MCHENRY COUNTY ILLINOIS 1935
    A History of Its Pioneers and Settlement In Commemoration of Its 100th Birthday.

  10. Ambrose Dodd
    One of Algonquin's early settlers.

  11. Arnold Duensing on Horseback
    Arnold Duensing, the Legion's mounted commander in 1935. Arnold and Fred Jayne led the Centennial Parade

  12. Congregational Church in Algonquin
    This historic church dedicated in 1868. It is located at 109 East Washington St.

  13. Duensing corners
    Duensing Corners - The crossroads of Algonquin on Main and Chicago (now Algonquin Rd.) Streets.

  14. Duensing Dry Goods Store
    Interior view of Duensings showing the grocery area.

  15. Duensing Gry Goods Store
    The interior of Duensing's store remained virtually the same until its removal in 1960. The last of the dry goods stores in this part of the country.

  16. Duensing Home at 308 S. Main St.
    The Duensing home as it looked in 1895. Arnold Duensing is shown on his bike at the age of 4.

  17. E.W. Vette General Merchandise
    Duensing's Dry Goods Store shown prior to 1915 when it was known as Vette's. Arnold & Fred Duensing went into business in 1915 and closed it out in 1960, at which time the building was removed to make way for King's Car Sales. (Shown L to R) Emil Vette, Fred Duensing & unknown stock boy.

  18. Historic Philp - Fallon Home
    1900 View of the Philp - Fallon home showing (R) Elizabeth Philp Chapell, (Mother) Jennie Chapell Getzelman and (daughter) Eunice Getzelman. The Philp-Fallon home is located at 400 W. Washington Street. The home was built in 1871 by John Philp. The home was purchased in 1946 by the Arthur Fallons, who restored the home. In 1972, it was awarded an Historic Plaque Award by the Village of Algonquin.

  19. Holding Down the Main Street Bridge
    After the Great Flood of 1898, villagers turned out to "hold down" the main street bridge.

  20. Ida Wernecke Gehl
    Portrait of Ida Wernecke Gehl

  21. Ida Wernecke Gehl and William Wernecke Jr.
    Childhood photograph of William Wernecke Jr. and Ida Wernecke Gehl. William was former owner of Main Street Meat Market started by his father, William Sr.

  22. James Philp
    A prominent man of town during the 1800's, James Cornelius Philp came to America From England in 1851 with his wife, Jane Cornelius Philp. He ran the Smithy, was Justice of the Peace, school director, village trustee, and dealt extensively in real estate.

  23. James Philp Smith Shop Building, Late 1850's
    This property, located at 104 S. Main St. was erected in 1856 by James Philp, one of Algonquin's first blacksmiths. The property was acquired by the Adamek family in 1870 and has undergone additions and changes over the years.

  24. John Peter - First Mayor of Algonquin
    John Peter, the first mayor of Algonquin after its incorporation in 1890. Mr. Peter married Lida Helm and had three children; Grace, Edward and Willis.

  25. John Peter Home, 1973
    This property, located at 301 S. Main St. in Algonquin, received an historic plaque award in 1973 on the basis of age, preservation and representative architecture from the 1800s.. The home was built by John Peter.

  26. Old Pyott Farm
    Corner of Huntley Blacktop and Pyott Road. Below the bluff lies the approximate location of the Cornish homestead.

  27. Philp Family Portrait
    Philp Family (L to R) Elizabeth Philp Chapell, Jennie Chapell Getzelman, Squire James Philp. Seated: Great-grandmother Ann Philp with great-granddaughter Eunice Getzelman.

  28. Philp-Swett Home
    This historic brick home was built in 1856 by James Philp.

  29. Rattray Family Portrait, 1901
    Top row: William Rattray, Minnie Rattray, Louisa Diercks, Jenny and Silas Jayne (Parents) Frederick and Christina Diercks, Jenry Diercks, (baby) Laura Diercks, Minnie Diercks, Zella and Mirtie Jayne, Mabel Martin, Fred Jayne, Sophia and Walter Livingston with baby Clara. Front Row: Raymond and Delwin Rattray, Arthur Diercks.

  30. Riverview Hotel, 1890
    Showing the Van Der Aue "Shaving Parlor." To the left can be seen the old Fitzek Cigar Store, home of the famous Brown Beauty Cigar.

  31. Riverview pic only
    Picture of a home in Algonquin Illinois ca 1900

  32. School children
    1st Row - Left To Right: Clarence Berkley. Fred Vette, Irwin Meyer, Alfred Vette, Alfred Mohdenhower, Charles Michealis. 2nd Row - Sabina Bau Kublank, Minnie Holtz, Clara Michealis, Freda Reimler Wernecke, Melita Klasen Dammyer, Erna Vette Remeke, E. Michealic, Lulu Ritt Evans, Loretta Leeseburg, A. Richards Reinholdt. 3rd Row - Joe Wienke, Carl Kublank, Art Reinholdt, Paul Nickles, Walter Michealis, Ben Wilbrandt, Edwin Leeseburg, Art Wilbrandt, Frank Schlatman, Fred Reimer. 4th Row - Albert Perteit, Arnold Duensing, Lydia Berkley Paulson, Anna Giske, Emll Jurs, Walter Berkley, Albert Leeseburg, Fred Hout, Frank Michealic, Helmuth Richards, Alvin Wienke. 5th Row - Elsa Geister Turner, Martha Reimer Immelman, Alfred Wenholtz, Effie Nickles, George Michealis, Martha Klasen (Teacher) Anna Wilbrandt Schnick, Sadie Klasen Wienke, Emma Schlatman, Laura Borhardt, Mabel Bau Jurs.

  33. School Days
    First Row: Mabel Kanka, Myrtle Covert, Gertrude Johnson, Emma Michaelis. Center: Jennie Munshaw. Third Row: Emma Meyer, Ben Wilbrandt, Charles VanDerAue. Fourth Row: Elmer Janak, Leonard Hoeft, Clarence Krueger, Edwin Schwim, Carl Berkley

  34. Schoolroom
    Children pause from their lessons for a photograph.

  35. South Main Street
    Early 1900 view of South Main Street showing Estergren Home and Duensing Home.

  36. St. John's Lutheran Church
    1890's view of St. John's Church and school (right) and parsonage (left). St. John's congregation was organized March 1, 1876 under the direction of Rev. J. H. C. Steege of Dundee. St. John's first resident pastor was Rev. Henry Freese.

  37. St. John's Lutheran Church and School
    1890's View of St. John's Lutheran Church, school (to the right) and parsonage (left).

  38. The Barta Family
    Mr. and Mrs. Barta with Joe and his sister, Lu Mckay.

  39. The Way We Were - Algonquin Founders Days, August 7-11, 1974
    Historical booklet featuring information about historical structures and people from Algonquin. Includes an excerpt from the diary of John Hamilton Cornish recounting his visit to the area in 1845 to see his brother, Dr. Andrew Cornish, who was one

  40. The Way We Were - Algonquin Founders Days, August 7-11, 1974
    Historical booklet featuring information about historical buildings, and people. Includes an excerpt from the diary of John Cornish, brother of early settler Dr. Andrew Cornish, recounting his visit to the area in 1845.

  41. Those Were the Days! Algonquin Founders Days Booklet, 1973
    Program Guide to the Algonquin Founders Days Festival, August 8th - 12th, 1973. The booklet contains information about the festival events, as well as historical information about the Village of Algonquin and its people. Includes photographs, diary

  42. Time was...
    Algonquin Founder's Days Collector's Edition, August 9-13, 1972.

  43. Van Der Aue Home
    Formerly the Morton Home.

  44. Wernecke Meat Market
    Interior view of Wernecke Meat Market. William Wernecke seen at right.

  45. William Wernecke Sr.
    William Wernecke Sr., One of Algonquin's first stone masons and his helper, Joey Rupp

  46. Women in Costume
    Take a close look at this picture. Some of the women are dressed as men. 1st Row On Ground: Augusta Serres, Hazel Ebel Seated: Fern Miller, Anna Bailey, Lulu Brewer, Anna Harnish Standing: Freida Behrens, Jenny Jayne, Frances Lace, Minnie Nixbauer, Lulu Evans, Emma Estergren

  Records 1 to 46 of 46