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    • The Living Museum vol. 59, no. 01, 02; Spring/Summer, 1997

    • Spiders -- webs; Museum exhibits -- Dickson Mounds Museum -- Four Moons Festival; Museum techniques -- collections management -- Native American antiquities -- Dickson Mounds Museum; Quilts -- Stenge, Bertha; Museum exhibits -- calendar; Spider...
    • Casting a sticky trap: spiders and the predatory ways; Converesation piece; Photographic Documentation Project; A cut and stitch above: quilts by Bertha Stenge; Calendar; Spider gorget
    • The Living Museum vol. 58, no. 01; Spring, 1996

    • Coffins -- Illinois -- 19th century; Museum employees -- editor -- Britton, Kimberly; Botany -- species identification; Museum employees -- Robinson, Orvetta; Museum employees -- Langer, Dorothy; Indians of North America -- Pueblo pottery --...
    • Kimberly K. Britton appointed Museum editor; In a box of pine: coffins from the Grafton historic cemetery; Saluting years of their faithful service; Pueblo ceramic figurines; Friends are for keeps!; North American pollen database; Shape of things...
    • The Living Museum vol. 23, no.  01; May, 1961

    • Northern pike; Art exhibitions -- Schwartz, William S.; Museum exhibits -- Hall of Life; Red pine; Predators -- Speed; Prothonotaries
    • Northern pike; Art gallery for April; Hall of Developing life; 'Rills dyed yellow with the golden dust'; Jumpers, racers, and rockets; Golden bird
    • The Living Museum vol. 20, no.  01; May, 1958

    • Basswood; Museum exhibits -- Audio guide; Milk glass; Art exhibitions -- Cape cod artists; Water surface; Museum exhibits -- Badger; Yellow-headed blackbirds; Publications -- Eifert, Virginia
    • museum service; Milk-white glass and its associates; Art gallery in May; Magical film; Badger in the museum; Yellowheads in Illinois; 'With a task before me'
    • The Living Museum vol. 18, no.  02; June, 1956

    • Sumac -- Rhus glabra; Franklin ground squirrel -- Illinois; Art exhibitions -- Antique glass -- Johnson, Justus, Mrs.; Bird nests -- Killdeer; Archaeological report -- Modoc rock shelter; Museums -- Employees -- Deuel, Thorne; Musuems -- Employees...
    • Sumac in the world of June; Western squirrel in Illinois; Art gallery in June; Staff notes; Killdeer's nest; Report on Modoc rock shelter
    • The Living Museum vol. 52, no. 01, 1990

    • Museums -- traveling exhibits; Excavations (Archaeology) -- Dunleith Mounds; Owls -- food; Art exhibitions -- Views from within
    • Voices from the River: part 3. Life on the Belle Reynolds; Dunleith Mounds group, East Dubuque, Illinois: part 2. Illinois State Museum 1989 Investigations; Calendar; Owls: they are what they eat!; Views from within
    • The Living Museum vol. 31, no.  02; June, 1969

    • Roses; Carpenter ants; Museum exhibits -- Reptiles and amphibians; Museums -- Employees -- Parmalee, Paul; Cashatt, Everett D.; Earthquakes -- North America
    • World of roses; Carpenter ants; Reptile and amphibian exhibit; Earthquakes in the Midwest; Staff notes
    • The Living Museum vol. 47, no. 01; Winter, 1985

    • Art exhibitions -- Thecla, Julia ; Art -- Acquisitions; Excavations (Archaeology) -- Napoleon Hollow site; Indians of North America -- Archaic; Museum employees -- Evans, Robert; Museum publications; Museums -- Travel --Aztalan; Museum exhibits --...
    • Julia Thecla: painter of magic worlds and private visions; Archaic period occupations at the Napoleon Hollow site; Evans accepts directorship of Tarble Arts Center; New publications; Archaeology study tour of Aztalan, Effigy Mounds, and the...
    • The Living Museum vol. 73, no. 01,02; Spring, 2011

    • Museum exhibits -- Calendar; Art Exhibitions -- Illinois Artists -- 20th Century; Art exhibitions -- Illinois Artists -- 21st Century; Art exhibitions -- Illinois State Museum -- Gallery guides; Art, American -- Illinois; Artists -- Illinois;...
    • Luminous ground: artists with histories; Exhibition Calendar; Around the state with director Bonnie Styles
    • The Living Museum vol. 31, no.  03; July, 1969

    • Wild dogs; Coyotes; Museum exhibits -- Description; Museum visitors -- Attendance; Bees -- Pollination; Art exhibitions -- 22nd Illinois invitational; Walking ferns -- Asplenium rhizophyllum; Museums publications -- Leaflets; Museums -- Employees;...
    • Coyotes and coy-dogs; Bees and pollination; Twenty-second Illinois invitational art exhibition; Walking fern; New leaflets for sale; Staff notes
    • The Living Museum vol. 47, no. 02; Spring, 1985

    • Paperweights -- Collectors and collecting -- Barker, Morton D.; Geology -- Calumet Lake; Geology -- Continental drift; Art exhibitions -- Photography -- Illinois photographers 1985; Museums -- Travel -- Louisiana; Museum exhibits -- Calendar
    • Morton D. Barker paperweight collection; Calumet area: filling in the plains; Continental drift; Illinois photographers '85; Exhibition schedule
    • The Living Museum vol. 53, no. 02, 1991

    • Freshwater mussels -- Missouri; Freshwater mussels -- Arkansas; Freshwater mussels -- Oklahoma; Freshwater mussels -- Kansas; Play -- toys -- 19th century; Trees -- growth; Museum exhibits -- calendar; Dragonflies -- Ohio emerald dragonfly; Museum...
    • Ozark mussels: struggling for survival; Children's toys: the nature of play in the nineteenth century; Mystery in the backyard: Case of the surrounding limb; Vulnerable species: Calendar; Ohio emerald dragonfly; Living in the past; FOCI: Nereyda...
    • The Living Museum vol. 55, no. 02, 1993

    • Cultural exchange -- Russia; Cultural exchange -- United States; Museums -- educational aspects -- teacher training -- science; Art exhibitions -- Hammons, David; Handicrafts -- Illinois; Museum publications -- excerpts; Museum exhibits --...
    • From the grand prairie to the mighty Neva; Teaching teachers about science; David Hammons : hometown; Crafting currents; Living in the past; Calendar; FOCI: Philip hanson
    • The Living Museum vol.  04, no.  03; July, 1942

    • Catfish; Museums -- Employees -- Photograph; Museums -- Employees -- Annual meetings; Art exhibitions -- 3rd annual Mississippi Valley exhibit; Indians of North America -- Industry -- Turquoise; Astronomy -- Stars; Museum exhibits -- Living map
    • Catfish and the summer pond; Museum staff; Third annual Mississippi valley exhibit; American turquoise; Summer stars; Living map
    • The Living Museum vol. 33, no. 02; March - April, 1971

    • Cattle egrets -- Illinois; Ogilvie, Richard Buell -- Inauguration; Haeger Pottery -- Illinois; Colt firearms; Land settlement patterns -- Prehistoric era -- Sangamon River valley; Archaeological surveying -- Illinois; Art exhibitions -- McMahon,...
    • Cattle egrets; Franklin McMahon: Impressions of an inauguration; Haeger Pottery: one hundred years at Dundee; Colt dragoon for the Museum's collection; Prehistory in the lower Sangamon River drainage; Staff notes; New publications; Staff notes
    • The Living Museum vol. 35, no. 02; March - April, 1973

    • Palynology -- Pollen -- Morphology; Birds -- Eggs; Handicrafts -- Exhibit -- Craftsmen of Illinois '73; Museums -- Employees; Honeybees; Museums -- Programs -- Archaeology; Museum buildings -- Quaternary studies; Museums -- Programs -- Field...
    • Palynology: the study of pollen grains; 'Order in variety we see'; Craftsmen of Illinois; exposed honeybee colonies; Archaeology workshop; Museum opens quaternary studies center; Cahokia Field course; Geological science field trips; SIU seeks help
    • The Living Museum vol. 68, no. 02,03; Summer, Fall 2006

    • Black, Jerome Longknife; Blackfeet Tribe; Native Americans -- Ethnography; Indians of North America -- Montana -- Ethnography; Global Climate Change -- Illinois; Climatic Changes -- Illinois; Global Warming -- Illinois; Northern Cardinal --...
    • Curious legacy of Jerome Longknife-Black (1940-2004); Global climate change and Illinois; Illinois sightings of bilateral gynandromorphism in birds; Lincoln's grand old mammoth; Museum calendar
    • The Living Museum vol. 56, no. 02; Summer, 1994

    • Rocks-- Illinois -- Tower rock; Birds -- protecting species; Pueblo pottery -- collectors and collecting -- Illinois State Museum; Art exhibitions -- prints -- U.S. -- Mexico; Museum publications -- excerpts; Museum exhibits -- calendar; Watercolor...
    • Tower Rock: sentinel of the Mississippi; Breeding Birds at risk in Sangamon County; Pueblo pottery at the Illinois State Museum; Conversation piece: Phyllis Bramson; Living in the past; Calendar; Seth Eastman
    • The Living Museum vol. 57, no. 02; Summer, 1995

    • Unionoida -- Ecology; Art exhibitions -- Armin, Emil; Mammoths -- Russia; Art exhibitions -- Green, Gary; Museum publications -- excerpts; Museum exhibits -- calendar
    • Illinois mussels: the silent storytellers; Sojourning with Russian mammoths: a first step; Gary Green off canvas; Living in the past; Shape of things to come
    • The Living Museum vol. 44, no. 02; Spring, 1982

    • Archaeology -- Dickson Mounds; Depression glass; Art -- Acquisitions; Art exhibitions -- Illinois -- Photographers; Museums -- Travel -- St. Francois mountains; Excavations (Archaeology) -- Kimmswick Site; Indians of North America -- Clovis people;...
    • Dickson Mounds: rich site for archaeologists; Story behind depression era glass; Art: recent acquisitions; Illinois photographers '82; Active volcanoes in Missouri?; Clovis peoples in the Midwest: importance of the Kimmswick site; Books: Exploring...
    • The Living Museum vol. 30, no.  04; August, 1968

    • Art exhibitions -- 21st North Mississippi Valley Artists; Museum buildings -- Dickson Mounds; Vertebrate animals -- Illinois -- Explorers; Prairie plants -- Goldenrod; Portrait painting -- Governor William Ewing; Museums -- Employees -- Cashatt,...
    • Art in Illinois --1968; Dickson Mounds Museum: a sesquicentennial building; Vertebrate animals first discovered in Illinois; Goldenrods! Goldenrods!; About the cover picture; Entomologist joins museum staff
    • The Living Museum vol. 54, no. 02, 1992

    • Indians of North America -- pottery; Paleobotany -- Patagonia; Museum publications -- excerpts; Museums -- research -- curators; Museum exhibits -- At Home in the Heartland; Museum exhibits -- calendar; Crinoidea, fossil; Archaeology --...
    • Native North American pottery: the Illinois State Museum collection; Travels in Patagonia: Adventures in Paleobotany; On the edge: museum scientists in action; What is 'At home in the heartland?'; Calendar; Page for Discovery: Crinoids; Illinois...
    • The Living Museum vol. 51, no. 02, 1989

    • Museums -- traveling exhibits -- Harvesting the River -- boats; Museum exhibits -- Calendar; museums -- preparators; Mammoths; Mastodons; Museums -- tours -- Africa; Museums -- tour -- Harvesting the river
    • Voice from the river: part 2. Life afloat; "Mastodon Factory" at the museum; Calendar; Page for discovery: Mammoth or Mastodon: What is the difference?; Wildlife and conservation tour of Africa
    • The Living Museum vol. 33, no. 03; May - June, 1971

    • Flowering plants -- Commelina -- Daylilies; Art exhibitions -- Handicrafts -- Craftsmen of Illinois, 1971; Excavations (Archaeology) -- Missouri -- Ozarks -- Pomme de Terre; Museum exhibits -- Dickson Mounds; Shakespeare Gardens -- Illinois;...
    • Commelina; Ozark Pleistocene springs; Cemetery at Dickson Mounds reopened; Shakespeare Garden; Seminar on early Illinois folk life(1800-1860); Mighty big tree; Announcements
    • The Living Museum vol. 44, no. 03; Summer, 1982

    • Indians of North America -- Illinois -- Land use; Poisonous plants; Museum publications -- Poison ivy; Museum exhibits -- Japanese miniatures; Art -- Acquisitions; Museums -- Educational aspects -- Discovery rooms; Museum exhibits -- Calendar;...
    • Man against land: how early occupants affected the Illinois environment; Please don't eat the daffodils, or the datura, or the dieffenbachia...; Books: Poison ivy and poison sumac; Japanese miniatures; Museums and their discovery rooms; Art: recent...
    • The Living Museum vol. 38, no. 03; May-June, 1976

    • Flowers -- Borage family; Birthstones -- May -- June; Art exhibitions -- Mahmoud, Ben; Publications -- Archaeology -- McMillan, R. Bruce; Museums -- Employees -- Diegl, Paul; Museums -- Employees -- Bohlen, H. David; Museums -- Employees -- Leary,...
    • Forget-me-nots and Virginia blue bells; Birthstones of May and June; Ben Mahmoud Exhibit; Technical assistants promoted; Adjunct appointments announced; Richard L. Leary elected President
    • The Living Museum vol. 62, no. 03, 2000

    • Museums -- research; Natural history -- study and teaching; Museums - acquisitions; Coen, Eleanor; Kahn, Max; Hoff, Margo; Florsheim, Richard; Museum exhibits -- calendar
    • Landscape history at the Illinois State Museum; Art additions; Museum calendar
    • The Living Museum Vol. 66, no. 02,03; Summer, Fall, 2004

    • Natural history -- exhibitions; Geology -- Illinois; Museum exhibits -- Changes; Museum exhibits - calendar
    • Changes in the air at the Illinois State Museum; Foreword: with Changes comes a brand new natural history experience; Changes: dynamic Illinois environments; Illinois' rocky past unearthed; Summer-fall 2004 museum exhibitions
    • The Living Museum vol. 53, no. 03

    • Mammoths -- Hair; Ethnozoology -- Illinois -- Location patterns; French Illinois; Art exhibitions -- Photography; Bird watching; Museum publications -- Excerpts; Museum exhibits -- Calendar; Museums -- Publications
    • A mammoth's coat in the fall; Animal exploitation patterns in "Illinois Country": an archaeological perspective; Birth of "Spirited Visions"; Searching for birds in the Midwest; Living in the past; Calendar; Curator's bookshelf
    • The Living Museum vol. 58, no. 02, 03; Summer/Fall, 1996

    • Museums techniques -- Zoological specimens -- taxidermy; Akeley, Carl; Quiltmakers -- Fallert, Caryl Bryer; Art exhibitions -- American painting -- (Un)earthly delights; Feathers -- Religious aspects -- Feather distribution project; Paleobotany...
    • The taxidermist's historic role in museum exhibits; The textile art of Caryl Bryer Fallert; (un)earthly delights: an exhibit by 5 Illinois artists; 4,000,000 gifts for the gods: the feather distribution project; George Langford, Sr., amateur...
    • The Living Museum vol. 46, no. 02; Spring, 1984

    • Museum exhibits -- Peoples of the past; Indians of North America -- Illinois -- Culture; Ethnobotany -- Plant use; Hunting -- History -- North America; Art -- Acquisitions; Museum publications -- Guide -- Illinois archaeology; Museum exhibits --...
    • Peoples of the past: a foreword; Early Native Americans in Illinois; Early uses of plants in Illinois; Art: recent acquisitions; Guidebook to Illinois archaeology; Summer archaeology tours; calendar; Hudson river sampler tour
    • The Living Museum vol. 54, no. 03, 1992

    • Naturalists -- Lockhart, James; Excavations (Archaeology) -- Illinois -- Potowatomi site; Museum publications -- excerpts; Museum exhibits -- calendar; Navajo weaving
    • Rooted in Nature: the art of James Lockhart; Archaeological investigations at a nineteenth century Potawatomi site in northeastern Illinois; Living in the past; Calendar; Page for discovery: Eye dazzlers -the work of Navajo weavers
    • The Living Museum vol. 61, no. 03; Fall, 1999

    • Art exhibitions -- Halkin, Theodore; Museum publications -- Illinois State Museum; Human remains (Archaeology) -- Methodology -- bones; skeletons -- study and learning; Museums -- acquisitions -- Art; Bramson, Phyllis; Spear, Ethel; Prussian,...
    • Theodore Halkin: A retrospective; The beauty of Bones, part one; Art Additions; Museum calendar
    • The Living Museum vol. 52, no. 03

    • Artists -- Moholy-Nagy, Laszlo ; Mammals -- North America -- Illinois; Art exhibitions -- Forms of contemporary Illinois (FOCI); Geology -- Rock layers; Museum exhibits -- Calendar; Museum publications
    • Moholy-Nagy: a new vision for Chicago; Mammals of Illinois: an introduction; Foci: what is it and what's next?; History in the rocks; Calendar; Curator's bookshelf
    • The Living Museum vol. 42, no. 02,03; 1980

    • Art exhibitions -- 32nd Illinois invitational; Caves; Indians of North America -- Dickson Mounds; Ethnobotany -- Gourds; Art -- Acquisitions -- Tinsley, Barry; Koch, Albert -- St. Louis Museum; Museums -- Travel -- Natural history museum, Chicago;...
    • 32nd international; Inner spaces; Gourds; Art: recent acquisitions; Objects of curiosity: Albert Koch's 1840 St. Louis Museum; Great bronze age of China; Kimmswick , AlbeBone beds Louis: a historical perspective; Fans: fact and fancy; Calendar;
    • The Living Museum vol. 11, no. 06; October, 1949

    • Hawks; Museums -- Governance -- Dallman, V.Y.; Museum exhibits -- Wild flowers; Art exhibitions -- Hobby show -- State Journal; Museums -- Employees -- Fowler, Melvin A.; Scorpions -- Illinois; Milky Way; October -- Illinois
    • Flight of hawks; V.Y. Dallman is new museum board chairman; Art gallery in Autumn; Scorpion in Illinois; Silver River; October comes to Illinois
    • The Living Museum vol. 34, no. 04; July - Aug., 1972

    • Exhibitions -- Visual art -- 25th Illinois invitational; Masks -- Indians of North America -- Illinois; Predatory insects; Museum exhibits -- Eagles; Museums -- Publications; Education -- Blind; Museums -- Employees -- Appointments; McMillan, R....
    • Illinois invitational 25th anniversary; Long-nosed god mask from Dickson Mounds; Predatory insects; Golden eagle exhibit; New publications; New international bimonthly magazine for and of the blind; Staff notes; Geological science field trips
    • The Living Museum vol. 65, no. 04; winter, 2003-4

    • Indians of North America -- rites and ceremonies -- feathers; Art exhibitions -- Audubon, John James; Bird migration -- dangers; Museum exhibits -- calendar; Index -- volume 65
    • Preserving culture, conserving birds: the feather distribution project; Preserving for us the birds he knew: John James Audubon at the ISM; Towers kill migratory birds; Museum calendar; Volume 65 index
    • The Living Museum vol. 49, no. 04, 1987

    • Wild plants; Archaeology -- Abraham Lincoln home; Archaeozoology -- deer; Art -- acquisitions -- Pickard china; Museum exhibits -- calendar; Index -- volume 49; Museum employees -- editors; Campbell, G. Dennis; Knox, Amy F
    • Plant some wild things; Abraham Lincoln's neighborhood: an archaeological perspective; Analyzing size trends in Illinois prehistoric deer; Art: recent acquisitions; Calendar; Index -- volume 49; New editorial team for the Living Museum
    • The Living Museum vol. 24, no.  07; Nov., 1962

    • Tree stumps; Museum publications -- Birds -- Eifert, Virginia; Obituary -- Heuermann, Magda; Ginkgo; Archaeology -- Collingwood, R.G.; Museum buildings -- New museum
    • November stump; 'Men, birds, and adventure'; Magda Heuermann; Fruits of antiquity; Question and answer in archaeology; News of the museum
    • The Living Museum vol. 52, no. 04, 1991

    • Museums -- educational aspects -- Scientific literacy; Excavations (Archaeology) -- Illinois -- Havana site; Art exhibitions -- painting -- Illinois -- 20th century; Index -- volume 52; Museum buildings -- Rend Lake; Museum exhibits -- calendar;...
    • Museum's scientific literacy program; Treasures, tools, and questions: collections from the Havana site re-visited; Environmental figuration: contemporary views of the figure in an exterior; Index volume 52; Southern Ilinois arts and crafts...
    • The Living Museum vol. 34, no. 05; Sept. - Oct., 1972

    • Flowers -- Asteraceae; Indians of North America -- Dwellings -- Mississippian; Warmouth -- World record -- Illinois; Bird migration; Radar in ornithology; Museums -- Events -- Calendar; Museums -- Programs
    • Asters, starworts, and michaelmas daisies; Mississippian house, A.D. 1972; World-record warmouth; Radar 'angels'; Calendar of year-end events; Saturday morning adventure programs
    • The Living Museum vol. 21, no.  07; Nov., 1959

    • White birch; Water hyacinth; Art exhibitions -- 'Great ideas of western man'; Antlers; Nature -- Essay; Museum exhibits -- Geology; Naturalists -- Illinois
    • Sacred birch; Multiplier extraordinary; Art gallery in November; Vital antlers; November road; Naturalists discover Illinois
    • The Living Museum vol. 37, no. 05; Sept. - Oct., 1975

    • Museum exhibits -- Mastodon; Flowering plants -- Lobelias -- Illinois; Museums -- Employees -- Conference attendees; Museums -- Programs -- Films; Museum exhibits -- Calendar; Museums -- Publications -- Hood site; Museums -- Employees -- Roper,...
    • Boney Spring Mastodon from Bog to Museum; Native Lobelias of Illinois; Staff members participate in conferences; New films available form museum; Winter at Dickson Mounds; Art gallery calendar; New publication: Doctoral degree conferred; Moe...


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