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    • The Living Museum vol. 01, no. 01; May, 1939

    • Hummingbirds; Museum exhibits -- Illinois --Giant beaver skull; Museums - Acquisitions -- Condell, Helen -- Chinese wall hanging; Museums -- Guides; Museum exhibits -- Fossils -- Langford, George
    • "When the first red flowers bloom…'; 'Read about a new discovery…'; "Splendid Chinese wall-hanging…'; Freed guide service; 'Plants that once grew in the coal forests'
    • The Living Museum vol. 01, no. 02; June, 1939

    • Luna moths; Mushrooms; Bird watching -- Illinois -- Sangamon County; Museum exhibits -- Dioramas; Museum exhibits -- Bird eggs; Insects -- Study and teaching -- Wright, Gilbert
    • A moth is a strange creature…'; 'Are you familiar with the mushrooms..'; 'During the month of May..'; …'seven cultural dioramas'
    • The Living Museum vol. 01, no. 04; August, 1939

    • Carolina paroquet; White snakeroot -- Eupatorium urticaefolium; Hummingbird hawk moth; Museum exhibits -- Gila monsters; Museum exhibits -- Dinosaur egg casts;
    • Carolina paroquet; 'In woods and woods-pastures'; 'Mysterious winged creature'; 'New animal has been added'; 'In the museum there are casts'
    • The Living Museum vol. 01, no. 07; November, 1939

    • Turkeys; Art exhibitions -- Polish art; Raccoons; Museum exhibits -- Mayan objects -- Myers, James; Museum exhibit hall -- Oriental room; Museums -- Hours; Radio show -- Deuel, Thorne; Museums -- Program schedule
    • Story of turkeys; Exhibit of Polish art; In its museum case the raccoon remembers; Modern Maya comes to the museum; Oriental Room; 'new plan for staying open'; Dr. Throne Deuel…series of radio talks; Illinois State museum Art Program, 1939-1940
    • The Living Museum vol. 01, no. 08; December, 1939

    • Bird feeding; Lecture -- Cain, Stanley A. -- Botany; Museum tours; Radio show; Lighting -- Antiques -- Exhibit; Art exhibitions -- Japanese prints; Museum exhibits -- Dinosaur footprints; White-footed deer mouse; Museums -- Acquisitions; Art...
    • Your Christmas birds; Dr. Cain lecture on the Great Smokies; 'Evening guided tours'; 'Tales museums tell'; Ancient lamps in museum; Japanese prints will be shown this month; Special exhibit of Dinosaur footprints; White-footed deer mouse; Some of...
    • The Living Museum vol. 01, no. 09; January, 1940

    • Dinosaurs -- Exhibit; Snowshoe hare; Museum visitors; Museum exhibits -- Shooting stars; Royal Gyrfalcon; Museum collection -- Roosevelt, Theodore -- Mounts; Fluorspar -- Fluorite; Lecture -- Wilbur, C. Martin -- Chinese history; Art exhibitions --...
    • Then came the dinosaurs; White -- for concealment; 'Visitors to the museum'; What's inside a shooting star?; Royal Gyrfalcon; 'Tales Museums tell'; Vertebrate section donation
    • The Living Museum vol. 01, no. 10; February, 1940

    • Celluloid -- Disney cartoons; Geodes; Lecture -- Fishbein, Morris; Robins; Museum exhibit -- Black widow spiders; Board Meeting; Maples -- Flowers; Radio programs -- Deuel, Thorne
    • Dopey, Sneezy and Ferdinand'; Geodes for February; 'Popular science lecture; Frontiers of Medicine exhibit; Robins on the wing; Two black widow spiders; February 5, Board meeting; Soft maple flowers; Schedule of radio programs;
    • The Living Museum vol. 01, no. 11; March, 1940

    • Ponds -- Wildlife; Art exhibitions -- Index of American design; Golden plover; Lectures -- Compton, Arthur H.; Butterflies; Museum collections -- Minerals; Radio talks -- Deuel, Thorne
    • When ponds awake; Index of American design is shown in March; Great flight; Dr. Arthur H. Compton to lecture here; Spring butterflies
    • The Living Museum vol. 01, no. 12; April, 1940

    • Toads; Turquoise; Wildflowers; Museum exhibits -- Natural history; Morels; Museum techniques -- Dioramas; Radio talks -- Deuel, Thorne
    • Singing Toads; Story of turquoise; Now in April, flowers bloom; We link springtime with the museum; 'How to make a diorama' on display; Radio talks
    • The Living Museum vol.  02, no.  01; May, 1940

    • Art exhibitions -- North Mississippi Valley Artists; Birds; Orchids -- Illinois; Museum exhibits -- Antiquities -- Clay; Museum exhibits -- Sharks; Museum buildings
    • Show of North Mississippi Valley Artists; Parade of the birds; Illinois orchids; Mysterious little clay heads; Adventures down the woodland path, no. 1; When ancient sharks raided Illinois seas; New modern youth museum to open soon
    • The Living Museum vol.  02, no.  02; June, 1940

    • Museum buildings; Trees -- Illinois State Capitol; Woodlands -- Description; Prairie -- Illinois; Museum exhibits -- Fossil shark teeth; Museum exhibits -- Mammoths; Butterflies
    • Modern Youth Museum Opens; Have you met these trees?; Adventures down the woodland path, no. 2; This is the Illinois prairie; Exhibits for June; June is the month of butterflies;
    • The Living Museum vol.  02, no.  03; July, 1940

    • Museum exhibits -- Children; Natural history -- Illinois; Knives -- Museum collections; Woodland path; Museums -- Visitors; Black skimmers
    • Children of Illinois in the museum; Meet American in Illinois; Knives in the museum; Along the woodland path, no.3; It's playtime at the museum; Skimmers
    • The Living Museum vol.  02, no.  04; August, 1940

    • Museum exhibits -- Diorama -- Chinese printing shop; State fairs -- Illinois; New Salem State Park -- Illinois; Springfield -- Illinois; Museum exhibits -- African figure -- Bigelow, Harry A.; Woodland path; Tobacco -- ceremonial use; Museum...
    • Welcome to the Illinois State Fair; Trails at New Salem; This is Springfield; Africa arrives; Along the woodland path, no. 4; Sacred smoke; Gifts and Loans -- Jan. to July 1940
    • The Living Museum vol.  02, no.  05; September, 1940

    • Museum exhibits -- Dioramas -- Egyptian scribe; Museum -- Publication -- Janssen, Raymond E.; Museum visitors -- Numbers; Harp -- Africa; Towns -- Illinois; Woodland paths; Fossil plants -- Reconstruction; Excavation (Archaeology) -- Illinois;...
    • Museum announces a new book; Story of a harp; Towns that minerals built; Along the woodland path, no. 5; Reconstruction of a fossil plant; Records of the past; Turn of the tide; Art gallery program for 1940-41
    • The Living Museum vol. 02, no.  06; October, 1940

    • Kwan-yin -- History; Museum exhibits -- Diorama -- Crete; Oaks -- Illinois; Woodland path; Horseshoe crab -- Exhibition; Museums -- Acquisitions -- Hog-nosed snake -- Shamel, C.H.; Museum trustees -- Meeting; Art exhibitions -- Paintings --...
    • Kwan-yin, the Chinese goddess; Sea-king of Crete; October oaks and where to see them; Along the woodland path, no. 6; Horseshoe crab in the museum; 'A brick-red hog-nosed snake'; 'Museum board of advisors'; Art gallery in October; 'Museum has...
    • The Living Museum vol. 02, no.  07; November, 1940

    • Swamps -- Illinois; Museums -- Acquisitions -- Philippine collection -- Kable, George J.; Exhibitions -- Excavation -- Dickson Mounds; Art exhibit -- Traphagen Fashion Exhibit; Lecture -- Frost, Bartlett -- Strawn Gallery; Kohinoor diamond --...
    • November swamp; Museum receives another gift; Mound material shown; Kohinoor, the history-maker; Art gallery in November; 'With the snow-cruiser in Antarctica'; Winter stars; Popular science lecture
    • The Living Museum vol.  02, no.  08; December, 1940

    • Bird-watching -- Guide; exhibitions -- Ducks; Museum Exhibits -- Cro-Magnon man; Bluffs -- Illinois; Exhibitions -- Bones; Art exhibitions -- Japanese decorative arts; Christmas star -- Astronomy; Lecture -- Poulter, Thomas C.; Lecture -- Gloyd,...
    • Here, birdie, birdie!'; Duck diets; Cro-Magnon men at home; Bluffs road; Skull and cross bones; Art gallery in December; Christmas star; Popular science lecture
    • The Living Museum vol.  02, no.  09; January, 1941

    • Museum exhibits -- Dioramas -- French garden; Museum Exhibits -- Dioramas -- Frost, Bartlett; Children's museum -- Modern Youth Museum -- exhibits; Museum exhibits -- Photographs -- Herbarium sheets; Starved Rock -- Illinois; Woodland path; Art...
    • Story of the dioramas; Modern youth museum; Winter rock; Along the woodland path, no. 7; Art gallery in January; New exhibits for the new year; Seas of today and yesterday
    • The Living Museum vol.  02, no. 10; February, 1941

    • Museum exhibits -- Hawks; Art exhibitions -- Paintings -- Caldwell, Orval; Cross, Adelyne; Skupas, Anthony; Art exhibitions -- Photographs -- Chicago Tribune; Museum exhibits -- ISM publications; Lecture -- Monteith, John Claire; Woodland path;...
    • No price on their heads; Art gallery in February; 'Children of the sun'; Along the woodland path, no. 8; People of the past; 'Special exhibit of Museum publications';
    • The Living Museum vol.  02, no. 11; March, 1941

    • Owls; Museums -- Children; Museum exhibits -- Diorama -- Edison, Thomas; Masters, Edgar Lee -- Poem; Orchards -- Illinois; Museum exhibits -- Platypus; Echidna
    • Owls in the museum and out; Modern youth museum; Edison diorama; 'Starved rock in winter'; Fruit hills
    • The Living Museum vol.  02, no. 12; April, 1941

    • Nature preserve -- Illinois -- Fox Ridge; Birds -- Tropics; Indians of North America -- Baskets; Woodland path; Trees -- garden -- Illinois State Museum; Museum trustees -- Meeting; Art exhibits -- 6th annual show of the California Watercolor...
    • Spring ridge; Birds of the tropics; Basket-makers of old America; Along the woodland path, no. 9; Tree garden for the public
    • The Living Museum vol.  03, no.  01; May, 1941

    • Moths; Woodland path -- Description; Lincoln, Abraham -- Cemetery; Aesculapius -- Diorama; Museum techniques; Iris; Museum exhibits -- Acquisitions -- Tax, Sol; Simpson, Ida; Hollingshead, H.A.; Stafford, Eugene; Blanchet, H.H.; Schoonover, Fred;...
    • Moth; Along the woodland path, no. 10; Lincoln and Oak ridge; Aesculapius; Story behind the exhibit; Art gallery in May; Iris fields
    • The Living Museum vol.  03, no.  02; June, 1941

    • Gardens -- Illinois -- New Salem State Park; Art exhibitions -- 2nd annual exhibition of North Mississippi valley artists; Firearms -- History; Buffalo -- Illinois; Bird-watching; Copper -- Exhibition
    • Gardens at New Salem; Art gallery; Story of guns; Buffalo in Illinois; Vacation via the birds; Copper from the north
    • The Living Museum vol.  03, no.  03; July, 1941

    • Aquatic plants -- Lotus; Grasshopper -- Anatomy; Indians of North America -- Cahokia; Rhinoceros horn -- Sculpture -- Museum collection; Minerals mining during wartime; Night -- wildlife -- Sounds; Museum publications -- Birds
    • Lotus land; Speaking of faces; People of the Cahokia community; Magic in a cup; Minerals are news; Quiet night
    • The Living Museum vol.  03, no.  04; August, 1941

    • Museum exhibits -- Dioramas -- Illinois -- Habitats; Parker, A.H.; Marchand, Henri; Caterpillars --Saddle-back; Shooting stars; Museum exhibits -- Location; Jo Daviess County -- Illinois; Pigeons -- Illinois -- Habitat; Excavation (Archaeology) --...
    • Taken from life; Speaking of insects; Of shooting stars; Museum presents; North-west corner; State house pigeons; Mound excavation
    • The Living Museum vol.  03, no.  05; September, 1941

    • September; Museum exhibits -- Dioramas -- European exploration -- Illinois; Chipmunks; Aluminum; Evening Star -- Astronomy; Museum publications -- Birds -- Eifert, Virginia Museum publications -- Fossils -- Janssen, Raymond
    • September, reflections; Illinois in the making; September chipmunks; Story of aluminum; Evening star
    • The Living Museum vol.  03, no.  06; October, 1941

    • Bears -- Alaska; Orchards; Trees -- Illinois; Spices -- History; Museums - Acquisitions; Museum trustees -- Meeting; Museum publications -- Trees -- Illinois -- Fuller, George
    • Bears of Kodiak; Old orchard; Trees that made Illinois; Nutmegs in the news; Museum board meets in September; Recent gifts to the museum; State tree book
    • The Living Museum vol.  03, no.  07; November, 1941

    • Museum exhibits -- Mushrooms -- ; Art exhibitions -- Oriental bronzes -- Condell, Helen -- Condell, Eliza; Art exhibitions -- Silk screens; Museum exhibits -- Crinoidea -- Lowenstein, Heinz; Museum exhibits -- Minerals -- World war two; Goose...
    • Mushroom season; New exhibits in the art gallery; New exhibits; November on Goose Island; Into the earth; All-American Thanksgiving
    • The Living Museum vol.  03, no.  08; December, 1941

    • Winter -- Illinois; Birds eggs; Herbs as food; Midwest Museums Conference -- Meeting -- Deuel, Thorne; Constellations -- Taurus; Christmas trees -- Illinois; Education -- Illinois Academy of Science
    • Land of winter; Of eggs and ostriches and navy beans; Tansy tea and gooseberry pie; Magnificent Taurus; Illinois Christmas trees; Illinois Academy of Science
    • The Living Museum vol.  03, no.  09; January, 1942

    • Quartz; Museums -- Educational aspects -- Animals; Pines; Hornet nests; Museums -- Wartime; Art exhibitions -- Paintings -- Tolpo. Carl -- Tolpo, Lily; Art exhibitions -- Illinois Art Project; Art exhibitions -- Illustrations -- Eifert, Virginia;...
    • Magic mineral; Ground squirrel and the youth museum; Pines; Hornet's nest in winter; War and the museum; Art gallery in January
    • The Living Museum vol.  03, no. 10; February, 1942

    • Spring; Indians of North America -- Katchinas; Film review -- Deusing, Murl; Art exhibitions -- Watercolors; Art exhibitions -- Cartoons -- King, Frank; Art exhibitions -- Photographs -- Eastman Kodak Company contest; Exhibitions -- Philippines --...
    • Inevitably, spring; Katchinas; Wild wings; Art gallery in February; Museum and the Philippines; Preparator's art; Broadening horizons
    • The Living Museum vol.  03, no. 11; March, 1942

    • Peacocks; Museum exhibits -- Model aircraft -- Aircraft identification; Sculpture -- Illinois -- Rosenthal, Bernard J.; Sycamores -- Illinois -- Sangamon County; Venetian glass -- Beads; Birds -- Western hemisphere; Museum exhibits -- World map
    • Inevitably, spring; Katchinas; Wild wings; Art gallery in February; Museum and the Philippines; Preparator's art; Broadening horizons
    • The Living Museum vol.  03, no. 12; April, 1942

    • Spring; Museums exhibits -- Living map; Sugar; Underground railway -- Diorama; Art exhibition -- Paintings -- Copies -- Illinois State Library; Hobbies -- Benefits; Education -- Illinois -- Junior Academy of Science
    • Sangamon springtime; Living map; 'Sweetnin' stuff'; Underground railway; Survey of art; Hobby for stability; Illinois Junior Academy of Science
    • The Living Museum vol.  04, no.  01;  May, 1942

    • India; Australia; China; Art exhibitions -- Birds -- Illinois Audubon Society Meeting; Museum exhibits -- Elephant; Government buildings; Birds -- Illinois -- Capitol; Museum employees -- Kerr , Ruth; Klespitz, Barbara; WPA -- Staff; Museum...
    • India, Australia, and China; As others see them; Moving day, and an old, old elephant; Hall of flags; Birds in the capitol grounds; Museum staff; Australian exhibit
    • The Living Museum vol.  04, no.  02; June, 1942

    • Foxes; Art exhibitions -- 3rd annual Mississippi Valley art exhibit; Osage orange -- Maclura pomifera; Museum employees -- Deuel, Thorne -- Leave of absence; Museum trustees -- Meeting; Birds -- Adaptations; Museums and war; Museum exhibits -- Map
    • Foxes; Third annual Mississippi valley art exhibit; Tree of the Osages; Doctor Deuel takes leave of absence; How man has changed some bird habits; Museum and war - - we quote; Living Map
    • The Living Museum vol.  04, no.  03; July, 1942

    • Catfish; Museums -- Employees -- Photograph; Museums -- Employees -- Annual meetings; Art exhibitions -- 3rd annual Mississippi Valley exhibit; Indians of North America -- Industry -- Turquoise; Astronomy -- Stars; Museum exhibits -- Living map
    • Catfish and the summer pond; Museum staff; Third annual Mississippi valley exhibit; American turquoise; Summer stars; Living map
    • The Living Museum vol.  04, no.  04; August, 1942

    • Museum exhibits -- Fossils -- Crinoidea; Musk-oxen -- Illinois; Grapes -- United States; Clouds; Vines; Frogs; Art exhibitions -- Katchinas
    • Sea lilies; Oxen of the ice age; Story of American grapes; Snow in summer; Vines and the rules of climbing; Singing pond
    • The Living Museum vol.  04, no.  05; September, 1942

    • Museum exhibits -- Africa; Autumn; Kentucky coffee tree; Museums -- Trustees -- Woodward, Charles E.; Exhibitions -- Dioramas; Birds -- Pacific; Museums -- Employees -- McGregor, John C.
    • Land below Gibraltar; Early autumn; Kentucky coffee tree; Back of the museum board; History and the dioramas; Birds of the Pacific war zone; Acting museum chief installed
    • The Living Museum vol.  04, no.  06; October, 1942

    • Nature walks; Museums -- Associations -- Conference; Centipedes; Tree crops -- World War Two; Museum exhibits -- Fossils -- Coal age; Mushrooms; Art exhibitions -- Heinz, Adolph; Art exhibitions -- Navajo Guild; Bird migration; Museums -- Audience;...
    • Country road; Centipede at home; Today's problem trees; New exhibit of coal age fossils; Some autumn mushrooms; Art gallery in October; Return of the ducks; Notice to Army camp librarians
    • The Living Museum vol.  04, no.  07; November, 1942

    • Leaf fall; Hibernation; Black widow spiders; Museums - Conferences; Art exhibitions -- Watercolors -- American Federation of Art; Art exhibitions -- Chinese art -- Stone heads; Bread -- History; Museum exhibitions -- Snakes; Museum trustees --...
    • Sleepers; Black widow; Midwest museums conference; Art gallery in November; Story of bread; Have you seen these new exhibits?
    • The Living Museum vol.  04, no.  08; December, 1942

    • Snowflakes; Museum exhibits -- Diorama -- Illinois; Museum exhibits -- Extinct and endangered birds; Poinsettias; Art exhibitions -- Etchings; Museum exhibits -- Crinoidea; Museum exhibits -- Hawaiian objects; Fire -- History
    • 'Pronouncing thus the number six'; Circuit rider; Gathering of the lonely; Your Christmas poinsettia; Etchings in the art gallery; Fire on the hearth
    • The Living Museum vol.  04, no.  09; January, 1943

    • Owls; Agates; Art exhibitions -- Etchings; Trees -- Parasites -- Ferns and lichens; Museums --Publications; Museum exhibits -- Solomon Islands; Astronomy -- Stars; Museums -- Lecture -- Schmidt, Karl C. -- South Seas
    • City owls; Story of agates; Etchings in the art gallery; Tree-trunk botany; Book of Dioramas; Living map; Sky tonight
    • The Living Museum vol.  04, no. 10; February, 1943

    • Portraiture -- China; Trees -- Flowers; Museums -- Educational aspects; Ice storms; Art exhibitions -- Featherstone, Beulah; Art exhibitions -- Chinese tapestries; Ceramics -- Finland; Lake -- Illinois -- Sangamon County; Museum publications
    • Honorable ancestor; Portent of spring; School class in the museum; Ice storm; Art gallery in February; Finnish ceramics and glass; Story of a lake
    • The Living Museum vol.  04, no. 12; April, 1943

    • Rabbits; Mexican art -- Exhibitions; Abraham Lincoln Memorial Gardens -- Illinois -- Sangamon County; Museum employees -- Armed forces; Index
    • Comedian of the wild; Art of old Mexico; Abraham Lincoln Memorial Gardens; Staff members in armed services; index
    • The Living Museum vol.  05, no.  01; May, 1943

    • Bird-watching; American silk moths; Art exhibitions -- 4th annual show by artists of the North Mississippi valley; Museum publications -- Guides -- Native Illinois shrubs; Flowers -- March marigolds; Vegetable gardens -- History; Museum exhibits --...
    • Century run; American silk moth; Flower of the week; Back of the American garden; Price memorial bird egg collection
    • The Living Museum vol.  05, no.  02; June, 1943

    • Indians of North America -- Illinois -- Piasa; Indians of North America -- Baskets; Indians of North America -- Use of trees; Indians of North America -- Baskets; Indians of North America -- Pottery; Indians of North America -- Publications --...
    • Indians in Illinois; Legend of the Piasa; Indian trees; Tale of Indian baskets; Stories in ancient pottery; 'Indian villages of the Illinois country'; Indian exhibits in the museum


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